St. Andrew’s United Cemetery, Valcartier

Gravestone images photographed by Patricia Balkcom & Patrick Keily, 2011.

Images of Gravestones are arranged alphabetically according to the first person listed on a stone.  This may be a husband or wife or another family member, so search for the image by using the possible surnames in that family, including maiden names.  Each image can be magnified by clicking on it. 

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1999.

Click on the green plus (+) sign to see if there is any further information on each person.  You can view with Excel or Print, etc. by clicking on the boxes.

Jack, Ronald Thomas1916 Sep 211997 Apr 4Chretien, Gisele
Ward, ArthurParent, Jeanne19361998
Ireland, Stanley1910 Oct 121983 Jan 14Son of Grant Ireland & Flora McBainNone
McKinley, Alma Mary19201975McKinley, Alma Mary19201975
McKinley, Norman Nicholas1915 Feb 31971 Apr 23Douglas, Mary Ellen1917 Nov 201990 Feb 26
Banning, Harold19041975McCartney, Irene19041980
Banning , Basil Harold19281973Senko, Rose1931
Ward, Norman H.H.18881972Hicks, Effie H.18901990
Ward, Edith Sarah1922 Jan 141932 Jul 28Ward, Edith Sarah1922 Jan 141932 Jul 28
Woodrow, Ernest19161996Lavallee, Ella
McKinley, Clifford Alfred19111980Paquet, Alice M.S.19172000
Cloyndent?, Nicolas1914 Dec 161976 May 29Snuif?, Betty
Nattress, Thomas1917 Sep 91946 Aug 23None
Dacres, Robert C.18691952Richardson, Margaret18701962
Jack, John Charles1900 Nov 61964 Aug 30Watts, Verna B.1903 Jul 061998 Mar 14
Jack, Wallace1909 Oct 271973 May 23McCartney, Alms1907 Mar 161983 Feb 9
Atwood, Stephen Douglas1955 Nov 26None
McLaughlin, Gary1947 Nov 41957 Jun1st Camp Valcartier Cub PackNone
Lawson, Debra Jean1954 Oct 151973 Jan 17Lawson, Debra Jean1954 Oct 151973 Jan 17
Firth, Elizabeth19001983Firth, Elizabeth19001983
Banning, David Keith1931 Dec 241991 Aug 31None
Dacres, Albert T.1880 Feb 151970 Mar 7Ward, Beatrice1894 May 61972 Nov 6
McKinley, Oliver W.19131990Touchie, Gladys E.19171977
McKinley, Douglas Trevor1917Morteal, Winifred1925
Hicks, James Bruce19641991Son of Bruce and Gail Hicks.None
Dawson, James R.19231989Doherty, Elizabeth
Dawson, Muriel1916 Nov 111993 Sep 20
Montgomery, William18591944Loughren, Sarah
Montgomery, Wilbur R.1902 Aug 191988 Jul 6Lavallee, Agnes1898 Feb 191977 Mar 22
McCuneGoodfellow, Noreen19381972
Gore, G.B.Goodfellow, Celia M.1902 Apr 171945 Aug 11
Goodfellow, Robert1859 Feb 231942 Jun 8McCartney, Margaret1858 Aug 101936 Oct 24
Goodfellow, William Edwin1893 Apr 301969 Mar 15None
McKinley, Glenn19191967 Apr 29McBain, ElsieEsther died in 1951 at 18 months. old
Duckworth, Alexander B.18821963Gladys N.18931981
Jack, Glen19261982Mildred not buried here.Hamilton, Mildred
Hicks, Walter19171989Olive still aliveJack, Olive A.1918Richard and Doreen Jack - Stillborn Sept 1981
Couture, Joseph Roger19181999Jos. not buried yet.Harrison, Felicity Angela Ivy19071988
Ward, Lorne McAdams19061989Spouse not dead.Leblanc, Emily1911
McCartney, Earl James19191987Spouse not buried here.McHugh, Helen
Young, Ernest F.1909Husband not buried here yet.McCartney, Gertrude19021985
McCartney, LeonardOnly son buried here.Boyd, IolaBrent William b. Jan 1966 d. Feb 9, 1966 (3wks)
Ward, Ronald19021990Buried with Alice Ward. Maybe his wife?None
Ward, Alice19041990
Neil, Frederic1880 Oct 121974 Nov 9McCartney, Rhoda May1895 Mar 101975 Aug 1
McCartney, David B.1893 Feb 91975 Oct 4Smith, Alice1903 Apr 181948 Apr 15
McCartney, Hubert, D.1927 Nov 261928 Jun28None
McCartney, John1861 Jan 251945 Jul 18Boyd, Liza Jane1861 Dec 311939 Dec 12
McCartney, John A.1899 Dec 41971 Dec 21Ward, Angela Mary Susan1891 Dec 81968 Aug 26
Gurnham, AlfredHusband not buried hereStewart, Winniefred Maud18921933 Feb 19
McKinley, Trevor Henry18771954Fleming, Bertha18881958Mavis M. b. Nov 26, 1929 d. Mar 26, 1935
Stovoid, Charles Griffith19001984NoneEarnest Windsor 1937 - 1938
Jack, William18661937 Aug 12Wolff, Florence18771950 Oct 2
Brown, ArnoldHusband not buried hereJack, Jannie18931943
Jack, Charles1868 Jan 81928 Aug 3Hicks, Mary Ann1873 Sep 191954 Sep 7
Nattress, Thomas18661929Kerr, Janet Wilson18821942
Goodfellow, Willard I.19131985None
Goodfellow, William1869 Feb 191948 Jul 2McKinley, Elizabeth Florence1873 Jan 221930 Feb 11Billy b. May 27, 1936 d. Aug 17, 1963
Goodfellow, William Willard1936 May 271963 Aug 17Accidentally died. Son of Willard & FlorineNone
McKinley, H. Marvin1909 Apr 31990Edna is still alive as of Sep 1996Rourke, Edna H.1909 Sep 18
Lavallee, Irvin1928His name mb IrvenMcKinley, Florence19301990
Ward, Thomas Henry1862 Mar 211941 Jan 16I think his name was Ward. Could not readIreland, Margaret1866 Jan 241947 May 13
McBain, Gordon Amos1888 Aug 41966 May 13Leddy, Mildred Sarah1889 Apr 41992 Apr 2
Goodfellow, Wilfred18981982Knox, Lillie19011993Grace Elisabeth b. Jul 12, 1940 d. Dec 16, 1940
Jack, John1880 Mar 71970 Mar 25Goodfellow, Lina1890 Oct 71972 Jan 28Grace Elizabeth b.Jul 12, 1940 d. Dec 16, 1940
Brown, Arnold1888 Dec 251967 Apr 28McCartney, Etta1902 Jun 271991 Jul 26
McCartney, James1871 Jul 71955 Dec 9Boyd, Margaret Ann1875 Apr 91957 Oct 6
Montgomery, Percy James1888 Sep 301974 Feb 25McCartney, Annie1890 Jul 101975 Jan 28
Montgomery, William18591944Sarah not buried here.Loughrin, Sarah
Jewell, GeorgeSpouse not buried here, she's buried with fatherIreland, Evelyn1912 Mar 191993 May 16
Ireland, Grant1864 Jun 21933 Jan 3McBain, Flora E.1878 Mar 241956 Feb 28Stanley W. b. Oct 12, 1910 d, Jan 14, 1983Evelyn b. Mar 19, 1912 d. May 16, 1993
McBain, Cecil A.18951966 Sep 16Neil, Hazel1897 Nov 181974 Oct 6Stanley b. Oct 6, 1923 d. Sep 16, 1990
Lavallee, Stuart1892 Nov 221981 Feb 24Clark, Mable Alva1895 Apr 251975 Mar 5
Jack, Irven1903 Sep 141965 Dec 17Roarke, Mary Ann (Mamie)1902 Jan 201972 Aug 18Deral d. Feb 13, 1934Guelph d. Mar 18, 1935Donna d. Dec 2, 1938
Jack, James1884 Mar 151945 Jul 4McBain, Ellen Janet1886 Apr 31973 Apr 27
McClary, Frank J.18981966Clark, Ada Muriel19001961
McCune, ThomasHusband not buried hereGoodfellow, Norene Edith19381972
Goodfellow, Robert Percival18961974Daugher buried in plotLavallee, Edith Janet19081994Norene Edith 1938 - 1972Her spouse Thomas McCune
McCune, Noreen19381972Her maiden name is Goodfellow.
Montgomery, Norman18981981Clark, Marion Irene18951972
Clark, Samuel18421932None
Clark, James1867 Dec 251930 Mar 28Jack, Janet18611933
McBain, John1846 May 181933 Mar 20Brown, Susan1850 Jul 151934 Mar 10William Henry b. May 2, 1870 d. Oct. 4, 1899
Woodrow, William Ernest1896 Aug 31London, England1947 Sep 6He died in an accident.Woodrow?, Maud Harriet1885 Nov 141962 Jul 11Dorothy Ethel b. Jul 17, 1911 d. Jul 21, 1965
Hay, Capt. William Francis1892Shoal Lake, Manitoba194020th Battalion CEF. He died in Detroit, MichClark, Una Constance1898 Feb 251982 Jan 24
Clark, Raymond1927 Oct 8St. Gabriel De Valcartier West1996 Oct 19
Clark, James1865 Aug 22St. Gabriel De Valcartier West1942 Aug 24Burns, Rachel1868 Jan 311945 Apr 28
Clark, Temple1890 May 28St. Gabriel De Valcartier West1981 Nov 26Beck, Janet E.1893 Jan 261971 Nov 18