Cemeteries of Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier


There have been four cemeteries in St. Catherine’s at various times in its history, and two of them remain today. A protestant cemetery and church existed in the early days at the southwest corner of the junction of the fourth range road (Jacques Cartier boulevard) and boulevard Fossambault. The church, a wooden one, had disappeared by the 1860’s although the Graveyard remained until 1932 when the remains of eight bodies were exhumed and re-interred in Valcartier in the Christ Church Anglican cemetery. 

The first Catholic burying ground was located on the river bank to the right of St. Catherine Church – the present green space on which there was until very recently a statue of The Blessed Virgin. However, sometime in the 1870’s, during a spring flood, a part of the river bank bordering the cemetery was torn away. Alarmed that a future flood might wash the cemetery into the river, it was decided to move it to a new site – ­the present old cemetery opposite the church parking area. The land for this was purchased from James Sutherland in 1875. A bee was then held of all the able-bodied men in the parish to dig up and remove the remains of the dead pioneers to the new location, and the story is told, that, during the exhumation, Patrick Maher, brandishing two skulls he had just dug up and, rapping them briskly together to remove the adher­ing clay, exclaimed: “Oh poor Pat and Mick Howlett  — “Boy, oh boys, but they were the grand fighting men! ” 

The old timers referred to the first cemetery as “Dunn’s acre as the land for it had been  acquired from Dennis Dunn, and very often when someone was ill and deemed unlikely to recover, the mournful prediction would be made: “Ooh, poor Tom; he’s not long for Dunn’s Acre”. 

Interments rarely take place in the old cemetery today although families owning lots there are entitled to bury their dead in it, A new cemetery was opened in the 1940’s on the left hand side of the lower fourth range road, and is unique in that all the grave marker’s consist of low white stone crosses on which the family name only of the interred is given. This cemetery is on rising ground and the uni­formity of the headstones spreading in serried ranks above the cemetery wall give it a very pleasant appearance, but future local historians and people from elsewhere seeking  information about their ancestral roots, will find little information in it.

Written by Bernie Monaghan, 1990s

Over 100 years ago, there was also an Anglican Church in Ste-Catherine.  The late Andy Taylor was the last of the “old” Protestants in Ste. Catherine.  He remembered the church being the Protestant Church of England, but the church he never saw, only heard that it once existed.  Up until 1968, there was an Anglican church operated at Lac St. Joseph in the summer to supply religion to the English tourists there.  Some of the old timers who were Protestant were the Hendersons, Morrows, Taylors, Scarces, and Meehans.  Over forty years ago, Jim Hewitt started a petition and was successful in having the remains from the old graveyard relocated to the cemetery at Mt. Hermon in Sillery, where they would be better cared for.

In the early history of the Ste-Catherine settlement, the Catholic graveyard was situated between the church and the river.   A destructive flood in the early 1860s washed a part of the riverbank and the cemetery away.  Therefore, the remaining graves were moved to a new site, which is presently opposite the church parking area.  In 1945, Ste. Catherine found itself in need of a new cemetery and chose a site on Laurier Street.  The blessing of this cemetery took place on July 15, 1948 by Father Louis-Rene Dionne.  In the old graveyard, the Irish are buried in the front rows, while the back rows have more French names – which depict the changes in the congregations over time.

Written by D. Clark McIntosh

Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier Cemetery

Gravestone images photographed by Patricia Balkcom, 2012.  The Cemetery was only partially photographed

Images of Gravestones are arranged alphabetically according to the first person listed on a stone.  This may be a husband or wife or another family member, so search for the image by using the possible surnames in that family, including maiden names.  Each image can be magnified by clicking on it. 

Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier Catholic Cemetery (Old Section)

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1995.  Not all stones were transcribed.

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Cullan, Lawrence18651888 Oct 21Killed out west in Kansas - 23 years old
Cullan, Patrick18691888 Sep 28
Pearl, Patrick1863 Sep 11
Clear, John18441883 Feb 28He was 39Murphy, EllenDennis d. Oct 25, 18?3 (5yrs + 8 mo)
Henesey, Cornelius18051860 Feb 14He was 55 years old. Erected by son John
Brennan, Thomas17921852 Nov 09Forristle, Margaret18061846 Oct 19Bridget d. Jan 13, 1847 (17yrs)John d. Aug 25, 1853 (19yrs)
Brennan, Patrick18271875 Feb 12He was 48, she was 49Burke, Mary18331882 Aug 31Patrick b. 1858 d. Oct 6, 1882 (24yrs)
Brennan, Thomas18341858
O'Sullivan, OwenShe was 60 years oldGriffen, Elizabeth18031863 Mar 25
Goughlin, Patrick17951861 Aug 02Flinn, Ann18011843 Sep 29Arthur d. Mar 1, 1869 (31yrs)
Carroll, Richard18411873 Dec 23He was 32 yearsUnknownRichard Jr. d. Dec 23, 1873 (7 mos + 24 days)
McCarthy, Thomas18551876 Aug 12He was only 21
Driscoll, DenisHe or she was 73 or 75Lavin, Adelaide1929 Jan 18
Murphy, JohnMurphy, ElizabethJames d. July 20, 1876
Coughlin, OwenMcLaughlin, Mary18621890 Dec 15
Cullen, JamesJulie was 53 years oldMaher, Julie
Fitzgerald, Michael17911858 Nov 28He was 67 years oldDonevan, Mary
McKenna, James17871879 Mar 20buried with son and grandson
McKenna, William18201890 Jan 24bu with father and sonWilliam b. 1863 d. Jan 16, 1888
Henchy, JohnMary Bridget d. June 29, 1881 (1y, 10mo)
McCarthy, Denis1868McCabe, Mary1888 Apr 06
Campbell, James Walter18761906 Jul 03I believe she was born in 1871.Guilfoyle, Margaret1871 Jul 281956 Apr 10
Thompson, James18741935 Mar 28She was 85 yrs and 8 months oldHennessy, Ellen18761962 Apr 03
Lewin, Charles18521926 Sep 25She was 89 yrs and 10 monthsDooley, Catherine1863 Nov1953 Sep 15
Degoggins, Josephine18841932 Dec 30
Meagher, AnthonyConway, Catherine18761916 Dec 27
O'Shea, Thomas18491925Griffin, Mary18551925Edmund 1876-1944Mary 1891-1971
Sheehan, Frank1920 Aug 281949 Jun 03
McLaughlinSheehan, Catherine18921970John McLaughlin
Leahy, William18831922 Jun 15
McLaughlin, John18521911She was buried with sister and mother?Cusack, Jane18641943sister: Ellen Cusack 1870-1945mother: Mary Caughlan 1827-1922
White, John18501933Murphy, Ellen18531909
White, Thomas18901968Holton, Isabel18901934Frances White 1917-1935
White, Gerald19151965Talbert, Theresa19151975
Neville, Annie19061984
Fogarty, Michael1837 Sep1905 Aug 16Mulroney, Maria1845 Jan1915 Jul 09Jeremiah d. Jan 1, 1924 (44 yrs)William d. Jul 10, 1926 (38 yrs)
McCarthy, Thomas18751930Conway, Frances18821923Ethel d. 1905 (5 months)Frances 1911-1934
McCarthy, Walter19081982Duff, Eileen19091997
McCartney, Timothy18641950Gurrie, Lena18661929Timothy Jr. 1896-1931
McCarthy, Michael18741934Griffen, Kate18761903Mary d. 1903
McCarthy, Timothy18331902 Apr 19Donovan, Honora18391908 Jun 08
Gurrie, Peter18301913McDonald, Margaret18331893 Jul 14
White, MR.Chapman, Ellen18041874 Aug 26Bridget d. Nov 21, 1868 (30yrs)
White, Edmond1876 Jun 26buried with mother and sister
Lyons, Mr.Lyons, Mrs.Gordon Lyons b. Mar 16, 1910 d. Feb 20, 1935
Manning, ThomasShe was 27 years oldDonovan, Elizabeth18531880 Jan 22
Donavan, John18351883 Jun 16McCarthy, Sarah18361880 Feb 20John d. Mar 31, 1872Catherine d. Apr 28, 1879
Grotty, ThomasDonovan, Ann18481892 May 16Bridget Ann d. June 14, 1886 (15 yrs)
Maher, Arnold18861965McCarthy, Louisa18841939
Maher, David17791844Buyer?, Judith17811851
Maher, Anthony18221887 Mar 02son of David and JudithMaher, Mary18251880 Apr 18
Dean, Annie1887 Dec1893 May 7Daughter of Wm and Bridget Dean
Landrigan, Andrew W.18561891 Feb 22He was 35 years oldJoseph W. d. Aug 25, 1890 (5 months)
Henchey, William18651924 Jan 28
Barry, William17911868 Apr 22Tobin, Julia18041889 May 30
Murphy, DanielLeggo, Mary Elizabeth18321872 Jul 24
Leggo, William A.She was 58 years oldGrant, Margaret18081866 Mar 30
Sheehan, John18561935 Feb 27Unknown, Mary Ellen18651950Kathleen 1901-1945Maryann 1898-1953James D. 1892-1970
Sheehan, James18221895 Oct 02He was 73, she was 81Carroll, Mary18191900 May 26
Maher, Patrick18271891 Mar 11He was 64 when diedRichard Maher d. Nov 16, 1892 (22yrs old)
Maher, John18621934Walsh, Bridget18731947Margaret 1906-1933John 1898-1969Bridget 1899-1991
McCloskey, Charles18631962Roach, Catherine18721941Joseph 1906-1949John 1904-1987Mary 1902-1990Catherine 1913- ???
McCloskey, William Sr.18301910Son Charles family also on stoneDonovan, Ellen18331881William Jr. 1869-1894Patrick 1878-1901Michael 1873-1920
Conway, JamesTombstone erected July 1906McKenna, Ann1902 Jan 30AnnieWillieEllen
Connell, Robert1898 Jan 02Coyle??1903 Mar 21
McCarthy, Thomas18551876 Aug 1221 years old when he diedNone
Campbell, James Walter18761906 Jul 3Guilfoyle, Margaret1871 Jul 281956 Apr 10
McCarthy, Denis1868 Jul 20McCabe, Mary1888 Apr 6
McCarthy, Timothy18331902 Apr 1969 years old when he diedDonovan, Honora18391908 Jun 08
O'Shea, Thomas18491925Griffin, Mary18551925Sheenan, Mary18911971Edmund 1876-1944
McQuillion, JohnIreland1846 AprHe was born in Co. Monaghan, she in WexfordDunn, Catherine1862 AugMary d. Jan 1858John d. Jan 1864Anne d. Feb 1864
Conway, EddieSte. Catherine, Quebec2000
Teaffe, JohnTipperary, Ireland1836 Feb 17Tuohy, Margaret1860 Sep 27
Teaffe, JohnTipperary, Ireland1836 Feb 17Born in Newport Co. Tipperary, IrelandTuohy, Margaret1860 Sep 27Patrick, d. 1863 Sep 11Pearl d. 1863 Sep 11

Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier Catholic Cemetery (New Section)

Also known as Cimetiere Laurier

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1995.  Not all stones were transcribed.

Click on the green plus (+) sign to see if there is any further information on each person.  You can view with Excel or Print, etc. by clicking on the boxes.

Donaldson, John
Maher, Edward
Mulroney, Benedict1903 Sep 121965 Feb 16Father of Brian Mulroney ex Prime Minister????
Campbell, John18961963Lewin, Margaret19041997
McCarthy, Timothy Patrick18851957Dillon, Mary Elizabeth1892Dublin, Ireland1983
Lannin, JosephO'Shea, Gertrude1916 Jul 261994 Aug 20Gail b. Apr 1945 d. Nov 1953Marlene b. Oct 1949 d. Aug 1960Linda b. Aug 1947 d. Mar 1963
O'Shea, Michael1880 May 171950 Oct 21Conway, Mary Ann1887 Aug 071980 Jan 05
Kiley, Timothy1907 Nov 061985 Jul 04Joseph b. Jun 24, 1957 d. Jun 28, 1957Gearldine b. Dec 24, 1960 d. Jan 24, 1961
Lewin, William1900 Dec 281992 Dec 03
Lewin, Ernest
McClintock, John
Aikens, James
Kiley, Richard18851970Not sure if his name was Kiley or Leahy.Thompson, Mary19021984
Guilfoyle, Thomas1879 Aug 121952 May 20McGlennan, Frances1892 Jun 101983 Aug 29
Bowles, John G.1884 Jan 121969 Aug 28Guilfoyle, Mary1889 Oct 281944 Jan 1Leo Bowles b. Sep 27, 1919 d. Jun 17, 1996
King, Frank1907 Jun 281975 Jan 17Kiley, Kathleen1903 Apr 271993 Nov 23
Thompson, Lawrence19131982buried with two of his brothersElmer Thompson 1916-1983Francis Thompson 1910-1989
Neville, Thomas19111977
Bertrand, Joseph18851966Lavallee, Albertine18901952
Hood, Frank19091991McCarthey, Eileen19061989
Walker, MarvinDorion, Rose-Hilda19051982
Miller, Mary Jane1915 Dec 271999 Feb 16
Hayes, Joseph19031988Lewin, Catherine
Neville, MichaelConway, Mona1916 Jun1982 Jul
Griffin, Joseph1899 Jan 111985 Aug 31Nellie1898 Apr 071988 Jan 04Iris b. Sep 8, 1943 d. Apr 13, 1985
Floyd, Leo Joseph19041994 Aug 19
Maher, Roy1926 Apr 011988 Jan 21
McKeown, A.P.19061987King, Mary19091996
Kiley, William19111998Conway, Joan1925
Kiley, Alma Stewart18951987Houde, Anne-Marie19071996Paul Kiley 1921-1997
King, Allan19271996Conway, Rose19291998
Cullen, James18701950Mary Ann 1894-1952Edward (Eddy) 1906-1969Stella Cullen-Hunter 1908-1977
Leahy, William1926 Sep 271996 Sep 23Kack, Shirley1936 Mar 13William Jr. b. Dec 30, 1956 d. Jan 3, 1957
Keenan, Harry L.18941956 Oct 19Mulroney, Jane18981969
White, Thomas Patrick1871 Feb 21959 Mar 10Henchey, Mary Ann1884 Jul 81962 Dec 13
Neville, Joseph1909 Sep1965 NovConway, Dorothy1917 DecDanny b.Feb 7, 1947 d. Mar 3, 1947
Thompson, James1904Ste. Catherine, Quebec1981McFerran, Agnes1906Antrim County, Northern Ireland1995