At the same time I also obtained the following excerpt from the Register of the Church of the parish. 

On this 23rd day of June 1866, we the undersigned priest, have interred in the cemetery of this parish, the body of Marie-Ursule Hubert, wife of the late Hon. John Neilson, who died on June 2Oth 1866, at the age of 84 years and seven months. The deceased was the wife of the late Hon. John Neilson. Present at the burial were : William Neilson,  N. Neilson, Ross Hubert Neilson and Joseph-Gonzague Vincent, who have signed with some other persons present. 

C. Kelly,Priest.

The above extract is an entire copy from the Register of the parish of St. Gabriel de Valcartier. Given at Valcartier the 29th of November 1978.  By Maurice Delis1e , O. M. I. (priest)

According to this act, the body of Mrs. Neilson was buried in the cemetery . 

Here ends the quotation from the article by Mr. Lefrancois. 

Author of this paragraph is not known: As we have seen the body of Mrs. Neilson, has been buried in the cemetery. When was it transported to the basement of the church? As yet I have not found anybody who could answer this question. I discussed this matter over with the late Eddy McLaughlin, while he was in St. Brigid’s Home.  Mr. McLaughlin died September 14, 1982, at the age of ninety-one years. He often told me when he was sound in mind and body, that when the church was rebuilt in 1911, at that time he would be about twenty. He said when the church was being rebuilt that some of the workmen dug to a considerable depth at the spot where Mrs. Neilson is said to be reinterred but never came upon any remains . We would appreciate it if anybody could shed any more light on this subject.