by Nelson Ireland and Evelyn Ireland Jewel, grandchildren of Curtis McBain; written April 6, 1988

CURTIS McBAIN 1846-1905 and his wife CAROLINE WARD lived in the Settlement of Valcartier, today known as Valcartier Village. Their residence stood on the site of what today is the manse of the United  Church. They raised a numerous family and Mr. McBain was a skilled blacksmith who had learned his trade in his youth after an apprenticeship of two years.

They ran a grocery store in part of the house  and the forge was situated in front of the house, quite close to the road. They also had the Post Office for a period of time. A story is told of Mr. Joseph McGrory who during hay­ time had broken the knife of his mowing machine was on his way to the City to have it soldered, when  he stopped at Mr. McBain’s forge. Mr. McBain set to work and soon had the knife welded, thus saving the long drive to town.

Here is a list of their children

  1. Florence a high school teacher in Quebec Western Canada. Was married to Joshua Anderson – two children Curtis and Margaret. Florence died March 7 1920, and is buried with her parents in Valcartier Presbyterian Cemetery
  2. Gertrude, spinster
  3. Flora. Was married to Grant Ireland, lived in Beauport, Riviere Aux Pins and finally in Valcartier. They were the parents of Nelson, Stanley, Evelyn and Frank.
  4. Willoughby  Was married to Alice Burns, lived in Groveton New Hampshire. He was foreman in the pulp Mill there. No children.
  5. Matilda was married to Herbert Neil. Lived in Oshawa  Ont., later in Valcartier and  then in Little River. One child Greta, married William Atkins.
  6. Henry was married to Florence Swett. Lived in Quebec had two children Noreen and Doris. Doris was married to Ernest La Chapelle.
  7. Arthur McBain worked in the mill in Groveton, New Hampshire. A bachelor.
  8. Her distant cousin Elizabeth  McBain, a sister of Sunny and David, was married to John Monaghan. Two children were born to this marriage, ­Ernest and  Sadie Monaghan. After the death of her first husband, Elizabeth then married James Gallagher. Two children were born to this marriage Wilfred and Raymond Gallagher. After the death of James Gallagher, Elizabeth then married George Quinn. One child Russell Quinn was born to this marriage. Elizabeth died when he was born. Agnes then married George Quinn. Three children were born to this marriage, Vera, Harry and Audrey.
  9. Carine was married  to Archie Miller. Four children were born to this marriage, 2 boys Okill (phonetic spelling) and Douglas and 2 girls Margaret and Gypsy.