Delia was the wife of Thomas Knox.  This has been kindly provided by her great-great granddaughter, Melanie Goodfellow. The book was was started by Delia when she was 20 years old in 1889 and added to until 1894.

Mary A Billing, Valcartier Jan. 15 1889
Grant Ireland, Beauport July 17th
William Morrison, Citadel Quebec, Feb. 5th 1890
? Hicks
G Blake*
W Mcbain *
Bridget Devine, March 23rd 1890
To my sister, H. H. Brown *, Mar. 17 1890
To my cousin, Clara Mcbain, Feb 15th 1890
To miss brown, M. B
E Quinn, Nov. Nov. 1891
Bella Mitchel Nov. 1891
Lizzie Lane, Quebec
Milwaukee, Wisconsin cousin Louise Maude Lanner or Lannier*, Sept. 8, 1891
Mary Morrow? Bourg Louis, 1891*
Mrs ? Wright, Aug. 7 1890
Mrs D? McPherson, March 21 1890
Mrs Rick Ward
Martha Wilson
Lizzie Mcbain
Mary J. Morrow
To my sister signed LB *, Valcartier Aug 23 1894
Paddy Devine, March 24th, 1890
Annie Conway, Quebec, March 23 1894
Dear cousin, signed Mary Ward, Cairngorm (scottland?) Apr. 1890
Your cousin Flora Jack, Jan 1891
Maggie bartholomew Hampton?? Oct 14 1891
To my cousin, Elizabeth H* Ireland, Beauport Oct 15 1891
Jane Steadman, quebec Nov. 5 1891
Your friend. Margaret A Rourke