by Vanessa Gagne

William Murphy was a native of Westmeath, Ireland. He was the son of John Murphy and Biddy McGrath. We have no knowledge of when he arrived in Canada. He was born in 1817 and died April 17, 1877. He was buried in St  Gabriel de Valcartier Cemetery. The Parish Priest, Rev. Nap H. Leclerc, parish priest, signed the burial act.

He was married to Bridget Corcoran, the daughter of Patrick Corcoran and Margaret Caven. Bridget was a native of Offaly, Ireland. We have no record of when she arrived in Canada. Bridget was born in 1817 and died also in Valcartier on July 12, 1897. She was buried in St. Gabriel de Valcartier Cemetery, Rev. Hugh McGratty, p. p. presiding. 

William & Bridget were married in St. Roch’s Church, Quebec, on July 21, 1840 The witnesses to the marriage were Bernard Lynch and Ben Rignay. The marriage was blessed by Father F. McDonald.

Children of William Murphy and Bridget Corcoran

Margaret: born in 184l. We have no record of her baptism in the Valcartier files, as before 1843, the parish was served by Rev. Hugh Paisley of St. Catherine’s. Margaret (a minor) was married at Valcartier on April 16, 1860 to James Connor, 1831, son of Hugh Connor and Anne Tool. The marriage was blessed by Father F. McDonnell, P. P.

Children of James Connor and Margaret Murphy

Hugh – Born October 21, 1861, Baptized at Valcartier by Rev. Father F. McDonnell, P. P. The sponsors were Edmund Landers and Judith Neville. This is the only member of the family whose baptism appears in the Valcartier books.

James – 1866

Margaret- 1870

Eliza- 1872

Tim – 1874

Sarah- 1881 

No further trace of this family has be found.

BRIDGET – born in 1842 and died January 21, 1864. Burial took place at Valcartier, Father P. Kelly, P. P. officiating. She died of Black Fever shortly before her planned marriage.

PATRICK – born March 7, 1845. He was baptized by Father Michael Griffith, P. P. The sponsors were James Connor and Matty Madden. Patrick died of blood poison after cutting his knee. He died in Quebec City, September 23,1921.  Buried at Valcartier. The Burial Act was signed by Rev. J. D. Rouleau, P. P.  He was married in 1871 at St Patrick’s to Margaret Quinlan, who was born in 1841 and died on May 12, 1926. She was the daughter of Thomas Quinlan 1802 – 1877, and Hanorah Hooligan (sometimes in the Valcartier records the name appears as (Hourigan), who was born in 1803 and died in 1877.

ELIZA – born on May I, 1847. She was baptized at Valcartier by Father Michael Griffith, P. P. The sponsors were John O’Donnell and Mary O’Donnell.  She was married on March 11,  1867 to Joseph Quinlan b.1847.

Children of Eliza and Joseph Quinlan:

Patrick- 1868

Thomas – 1870

William- 1875

Bridget – 1872 

Eliza married again in 1880 to Dennis Shanahan who ran the Shannon Scow. When he died, she moved away, not being able to pay her taxes.


At this point we bring in Thomas Quinlan and Hanorah Hooligan (Hourigan) .

Thomas Quinlan was born in 1802 and died on February 27, 1877. Was buried at Valcartier, the Parish Priest Rev. Nap. H. Leclerc presiding. 

His wife, Hanorah, was born in 1803 and died March 2,  1877. Father Nap. H. Leclerc presided at the funeral. There were only three days between their deaths.

Their daughter, Marie, was married at Valcartier on August 28, 1873 to Philip Magahey, who was the son of Patrick McGahey and Margaret McCord. The marriage was blessed by Father Laurent Chabot, P. P.

Two children were born of this marriage. Patrick born June 29th 1874.  Baptized in Valcartier church by Rev. Father P. Vincent, P. P. The Godparents were Hugh McLaughlin and Catherine McClone. Patrick died on the July 21st 1956. Father Alfred Coutu, S.S. S. signed the Register. 

Hanorah, born June 2, 1877. Was baptized by the Rev. Nap. H. Leclerc p. p. in Valcartier Church. The sponsors were Francis Conway and Mary  King. Hanorah died in 1975. Father  Roch  Lachance, P. P. conducted the funeral service. 

William – July 12, 1849. He was baptized at Valcartier by Father Geo. Lemoine, who was replacing the Pastor, Father Michael Griffith who was terminally ill at the time. (Father Griffith died October 31, 1849, and is buried in Valcartier Cemetery. The godparents were John Monaghan and Catherine Monaghan.

William was married to Mary Dooley, daughter of age of William Dooley and Johanna Conway on October 1, 1883. They were married at Valcartier by Rev. John O’Farrell, P. P. After their marriage they moved to a farm at Oconto Falls, Wisconsin where they raised their family. They belonged to St. Anthony’s Parish, Oconto Falls, and with several members of their family are buried in Oconto Falls Comprehensive Cemetery. This writer visited the Cemetery on Sept 13,1986 and found that the inscription of the family monument indicated  that William was born in 1850, contrary to the records of Valcartier Church. The Pastor of St. Anthony’s at that time was Father Hephner.

Children of William Quinlan and Mary Dooley:

Daughter Marcella. born in 1913 was married in 1936 to John Lutz.  The Lutz children included Tom, born in 1937 and who was married in 1963 to Karen Rabes. Their daughter Michelle Hae was born in 1964. 

Constance, born in 1939. Was married in 1961 to Shalter Rudolph. They had three children: Vincent born in 1962, John, born in 1964, married to Jennifer Moas in 1985.  Judith, born in 1949, was married in 1968 to Craig Tanner.  Son- Craig Scott.   Daughter, Mildred – 1915-1981. Was married in 1943 to George  Beno,  1915-1984. 

Children Larry, 1944. Georgia, 1948, was married in 1983 to Mickey Hickey.

Mary born 1954. Was married in 1977 to Vic Price.


Erin 1981 – Eric 1979 – Anna 1982.

Son Howard born 1916. Was married in 1944 to Gloria Lewis, 1924

Children Roger 1945, was married in 1966 to Shirley Anderson.

 Child- Jolene, 1974. 

Son Eugene born 1919. Was married in 1954 to Yvonne Murphy.

Children – LeAnn 1956, was married in 1981 to David Hohne. Their daughter Amanda, born 1981. 

Terry, brother of LeAnn, born 1963. 

 John A 1888-1962. Was married in 1914 at Corungton Ky. to Elsie Hagen, 1891-1982 

Their son Jack W. Murphy, 1915-1983, was married in 19  ‘ at Cincinnati, Ohio, to Ruth Walker, 1918- ­

They had three children: 

John Michael, born 1950. Was married in 1971 to Peggy Kimick. They had two children – Melissa, born in 1974 and Megan, born in 1977. 

Amy Eileen, born, in 1957. Was married in 1977 to Stephen Fischessu.

Child – Hudi Marie – 1984. 

Brian Carter.  Was born in 1959.  Was married in 1980 to Linda Hurzelbacher.

Child Brian Clifford – 1981. 

Margaret 1891-1966. 1891-1966. Was married in 1921 to Leo Beis.

Thomas 1894-1954

Henry Murphy was born in 1897 and died in 1976. married in 1925 to Elizabeth Hedt  1908. 

Henry served in the American Army in W. W. 1.


Raymond 1926-1950. Was Married to Mary Seimeni. Children, Thomas 1958. Was married1976 to Kandun Goodnight. 

RAYMOND – 1958 

The second son of Henry and Elizabeth was born in 1929, Kenneth. Was married to Lorraine Knudson in 1956.

Two children – Colleen, born in 1959, was married to Vernon Kisner in 1983. 

Their Daughter Donna was born in 1934. Was married in 1955 to Douglas Turin.

Two children – Shari 1961, married to Scott Fuller. 

Julie 1958, was married to Lawrence Lehman. 

Daughter, Katie born in 1985. 

Thomas Murphy, youngest son of William and Bridget was born November 10, 1851. He was baptized by Father P. G. Clarke, P. P., His sponsors were James McDonald and Ellen Roe. He was married at Valcartier on June 24, 1881, to Ellen McLaughlin, daughter of Edward. McLaughlin and Bridget McDonald. Ellen was born on May 8, 1860, in County Tyrone, Ireland. The Marriage was blessed by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P.  Thomas died Nov. 3, 1937. The burial act was signed by Father Joseph Boutin. replacing the Pastor, Rev. Armand Dumont.  His wife Ellen, died May 29, 1941. The burial act, was signed by Frs. Gilbert Doyle, C. SS. R. of St. Patrick’s, Que. and the Pastor, Rev. Armand Dumont.  Thomas and Ellen were the parents of ten children, two of whom died in infancy. There is no record of their birth, but on one occasion, Ellen told this writer she was the mother of ten children. 

Children of Thomas Murphy and Ellen McLaughlin

James was born on April 11, 1885. Baptized by Father Hugh Mc­Gratty, P. P. The sponsors were Patrick Murphy and Ellen McLaughlin.

Remark :

The writer feels that the entry in the Register is erroneous. The baptismal Act reads ” Sponsors, Patrick Murphy and Ellen McLaughlin, uncle and aunt of the child.” I believe it should have read Patrick Murphy  and Margaret Quinlan.

James was married to Margaret Corrigan in Valcartier Church, October 20, 1914. The marriage was blessed by Father J. A. A. Michaud, P. P. Margaret was the daughter of John Corrigan and Catherine Holton.  John Corrigan was the widower of Elizabeth Loughren before his marriage to Catherine Holton.  Catherine was the daughter of John Holton and Catherine Sweeney.  Her paternal grandparents were Thomas Holton and Catherine Reilly.  Her maternal grandparents were Michael Sweeney and Susanna Porter .

Children of James and Margaret: 


Was Married to Kay Bannon.

 Children- Shayn


Was married to Gertrude Vachon

Their Children







Was married to Hayes Coté 23-8 1947 at St Pat’s 

Their Children:







Was married to Jean-Louis Dussault on 28-7-1945 at. Pat’s.’

Their Children


Louise married to J. Turcotte


Was married to Peter Poirier.  


Was married to Kenny Lachapelle 9-11-1957 St. Pat’s. 

Their Children:





Was married to Denis Boiteau

Their Children

Paul – Married to Y. Bussieres


Was married to John O’Gallagher

Thomas; He was born in Quebec City in a hospital. He was born April 1, 1889, was baptized in St. Patrick’s Church, Que. He died August 21, 1948. 

Thomas was married to Martha Monaghan on June 26, 1918 by Rev. Father J. A. A. Michaud. 

Marginal note; Martha was born Dec.23, 1892, was baptized by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P. Sponsors were Thomas Holton and his wife Isabella Cosgrove.   

Martha was the daughter of Albert Monaghan and Mary Ann Rourke.

Her paternal Grandparents were John Monaghan and Ellen Madden.

Her paternal Great-grandparents were Owen Monaghan and Jane Quinn, who were natives of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland. 

Their Children

HELEN – Born September 10, 1919. Baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. Joseph D. Rouleau, P. P. Sponsors were Thomas Murphy,  Sr. and Ellen McLaughlin , grandparents of the child.   Died 11th of April, 2003.

Teresa – Was born March 18, 1921. Baptized in Valcartier by Father Myles O’Farrell. Her godparents were John Monaghan and Katie Monaghan, Uncle and aunt of the child.  Died in 2003.

Teresa was married to Léonce Bilodeau, born in 1922, in St. Patrick’s Church, Que. On Septermber 11th 1954. Father Loftus, C.SS. R. blessed the marriage.

Children born to Teresa and Léonce Bilodeau. 

COLLEEN – Born November 26, 1955. 

Married in St. Patrick’s Church, Que. on October 4, 1975 to Gary Mayville . 

Their daughter Jessica, was born July .30,1981.

Bruce – Born March 9, 1962.   He has two children, Gabriel and Jeremy.

Margaret – was born December 13, 1922, was baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. J. D. Rouleau, P. P. The godparents were Albert Monaghan and Annie Heal. She died February 9th, 1994.

Margaret was married to Joseph Grannary 1928 – 1980, in St. Patrick’s Church, Que. August 7, 1954. 

Their Children: 

GLENDA – Born October 23 , 1956.

Was married in St. Patrick’s Church, Que. to Denis Delisle, June 26,1982.Children born to this marriage: 

Erica – born February 1986

Valerie – born March 6th, 1989.

JOANNE – Born March 25, 1958 who was married to Denys Gagné, at St. Pat’s, July 11, 1987. Children are:

Vanessa – born June 28th, 1989

Jennifer – born September 15th, 1994

ALBERT – Was born December 17, 1924. He was baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. J. D. Rouleau, P. P Sponsors were Owen McLaughlin and Catherine McLaughlin. 

He died December 12,1928.  The burial act was signed by Rev. J. Hermyle Barabé, P. P. 

HERMAN – Born June 25. 1927. Was baptized in. Valcartier by Rev. J. Hermyle Barabé, P. P. Godparents were William Murphy and Mary Murphy (Maria)

Herman was married July 25, 1955, to Elizabeth Bateman in St. Patrick’s Church, Que. 

Their Children:

Danny – Born                  1956

Was Married at Loretteville 1982, to Jacynthe Labaume. 

Children: Kenny, born 1988  

Thomas Born May 4, 1959

Linda – Born December 1960

Married at Loretteville to Theodore Gosselin 

Donna Born 1962 

Was married in St. Gabriel’s Church, Valcartier by Rev. Maurice Delisle to Jeffrey McBain, son of Keith McRain and Joy Hicks of Valcartier. 

ROSE 6th child of Thomas and Martha was born April 21,1930. Was baptized by Rev. J. Hermyle Barabé, P. P. Sponsors were Patrick Monaghan and Vera Fitzpatrick. 

Marginal note;  Rose was married to Harry Sponza, June 1963, in St. Pat’s Church Que.

Their children;

Tony – wife is Mary-Jo and their children are Kaitlyn and Ryan.

Sandra – married Alain Giguere and has three children – Sabrina, Brittany, and Randy.

Eileen – Born January 16, 1933. Baptized by Rev. Hermyle Barabé. Sponsors Bernard Monaghan and Helen Murphy.  Died March 9, 1933. Burial Act signed by Rev. J. Hermyle Barabé, P. P. 

Maureen – Born July 22, 1936. Baptized by Rev. Armand Dumont, P. P. Sponsors were Arthur Lewin and his wife May Murphy.  Was married in St. Patrick’s Church, Quebec to Jean Martineau. 

William –  He was born May 30, 1891. Baptized by Rev. Hugh McGratty, in Valcartier Church. Sponsors Patrick Murphy and Margaret Quinlan.  Died July 19, 1910.  Rev. Armand Dumont, P. P. signed the Register.   

May –  was born May 10, 1893. Baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P. The godparents were Patrick John Davidson and his wife Bridget Cleary.  Was married in Valcartier, July 12, 1921 To Arthur Lewin, by Rev. J. D. Rouleau, P. P. 

Their Children: 

Gerard – 1922- 1978.  Was married in 1946 at Loretteville to Josephine Martel. 

Their children were Desmond – 1947 Leonard and Gary . 

Desmond was married to Charlotte Rankin. 

Leonard was married to Janice Robert – children Jessica and Jeremy. 

Gary was Married to Sylvie Fermain – children David and Derick. 

Nellie – 1924 was married to Leslie Corrigan 1923 in June 1954.  

Mary – 1924 

Willie – 1927. was married at Loretteville to Lucille Vincent

Children of Willie and Lucille:




++++++++++ ++++++ 

 TERESA – 1930- 1937 

NELLIE:  Born June 14, 1898 Baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. Hugh McGratty. Sponsors were Patrick Corcoran and his wife Elizabeth Lennox.  Died October 1, 1921. P. P. Burial in Valcartier, Rev. J. D. Rouleau officiating. 

Maria was born July 25, 1895. She was baptized by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P. The sponsors were Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Corcoran.  She was married in 1925 (not sure) to Alphonse Roberge, at St. Patrick’s. name given as Louis-Joseph.  Maria died in Montreal in May 1933.

Their Children;





This writer met Louis at Laval university in June 1963 while correcting English exams for the Faculty des Arts. At that time he was living under the name of Louis Reddy. After an extended Conversation I learned that he was the son of Maria and Alphonse. When his Mother died, he being only a few Months old, he was adopted by his father’s sister, a Mrs. Reddy of Quebec. 

Johnny;- Was born June 8, 1903. Baptlzed by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P. His Godparents were Rev. Hugh McGratty and Mrs. Michael Murphy Sr.  He left Valcartier in October l933. Has not been heard from since. 

Annie;- Was born July 25, l904 Baptized by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P. Her sponsors were Maurice Murphy and Winifred Bowles .  She died June 13, 1917. Rev. .J.A. A. Michaud, P. P. officiated at the funeral. 

Here ends the family of Thomas Murphy & Ellen McLaughlin . 


William;- Was born on July 12, 1872 and was baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. Laurent Chabot, P. P. The sponsors were William Murphy and Mary Quinlan.  He was married 23-7-1919 to Margaret Hayes. Their marriage does not appear in the Valcartier Records. Probably would be found in St. Patrick’s, Que. They moved to Brantford, Ont. and cared for the two  Quinlan ladies and Johnny. At this writing, Johnny is in St. Brigid’s Home, Que. 

Patrick;- Was born August 1,1873. Was baptized by Rev. Laurent Chabot P. P. of Valcartier. His Godparents were James Connors and Margaret Murphy.  Patrick was married twice. First to Blanche Fennell and later to Olive Eaton. He is remembered as a great story-teller. 

Thomas;- He was born on April, 1875 and baptized at Valcartier by Rev. P. Vincent, P. P. His sponsors were Philip McGahey and Eliza Quinlan.  Thomas died in a lumber camp. 

Joseph;- Born December 6, 1876. Baptized at Valcartier by Rev. Nap. H. Leclerc, P. P. His godparents were Thomas Madden and Elizabeth Madden.  Joseph ran away to Roseburg, Oregon. Married Gladice.    Had two children.  He died on 1955.

Maurice;- Was born February 22, 1882. He was twin-brother of his sister Bridget. He was baptized by Rev. John O’Farrell, P. P. His sponsors were Patrick Davidson and Sarah Connors.  He was Married in Pickering, Ont. to Josephine Mary Connors, on July 6, 1911.  They had two children. 

HELEN – Born in 1914 was married in 1944 to Bert Levesque, 1916- 1980.  Bert and Helen had three children.

Carol 1944, married at Oshawa, Ont. to Lorne Marshall.  Carol and Lorne Marshall have two children:

Michelle – 1973

Susan 1981

Helen, the 2nd child of Bert and Helen was born in 1945. Was married at Whitby to Kerry Miller. 

Helen and Kerry have two children :

Tammy 1945 

Penny 1967

Lloyd the 3rd child of Bert and Helen ­was born in 1945 at Oshawa, Ont. to Marie Bosley.

Two children were born to this marriage: 

Steven (1980)

Michael – 1981 

Lloyd –  1919 1943. Died as an Air Force Sgt. Gunner in WW. 11. 

Bridget:- Twin sister of Maurice, was born February 23, 1882.  Was baptized in Valcartier Church by Rev. John O’Farrell, P. P. The sponsors °were Rev. John O’Farrell and Bridget Corcoran.  Bridget was married to George Clark at Brantford, Ont.  Bridget died in 1966. George died in 1953.  One son Gordon, was married at Brantford Ont, to Lorna Haley 1919- 1982.  Gordon was born in 1881 and died in 1988. 

Their Children: 

Trudy – Born in 1945. Was married in 1968 at North Bay, Ont. to Dave Peplinski.

Two children: 

Kirk – 1969 

Kevin – 1971 

LLoyd – 1949 

Leo – 1953 

 Tom- 1955 

+++ ++++++++++++ ++ 

Martin;- Born December 31, 1884. Was baptized by Rev. Hugh McGratty, P. P. Godparents Philip McGahey and his wife Marie Quinlan.  Martin was married to Elizabeth Madden on October 27, 1915. The marriage was blessed by Rev. J. A. A. Michaud, P. P. 

We here give the ancestry of Elizabeth Madden. 

Anthony Madden 1790- 1850, was the husband of Eleanor Calback. In some of our records she is referred to as Eleanor and Ellen 1797- 1861. Anthony Madden was a veteran of the Battle of Waterloo in which engagement he lost a leg. He walked with an artificial leg. They were married in Ireland an1 emigrated to Canada. They settled on the Fourth Range in Valcartier.  They had a very large family. One of their sons, Thomas, was married to Sarah Connor, who was the daughter of Hugh Connor and Ann Toole. Thomas was born in 1816 and died in 1892. Hugh Connor was born in 1798.  One of Thomas’ sons, George 1859-1941, was married to Mary Jane O’Reilly 18691935. One of their daughters, Elizabeth, became the wife of Martin  Murphy.

Their Children:

Mary-19171983. was married in Port Arthur, Ont. to Joe Hollander Frank Arbour – Mike Wistowski. 

Joseph – 1919 . Married in 1947 at St. Catherine’s Que. to Margaret Conway, 1920 

Their children: 

Eileen- Was born August 6, 1950. Baptized by Rev. Jean Paul Gravel. The sponsors were William Murphy and Rose Conway.  Was married at Dartmouth, N. S. in 1982 to Joe McMullin. 

Claire – Born October 16, 1951. Was baptized by Rev. H. Gauvin, P. B. Sponsors, Herman Murphy and Barbara Neville.   

Was married in 1975 at St. Catherine’s, Que. to Dave Moore.


 Brendan- 1979

Patrick – Born January 1953. Was baptized by Father J. D. Rouleau, Sponsors Alphonse Jacques and his wife Madonna Murphy.  Was married in 1980, at Sarnia ,Ont. to Sharon Brown.


Shane born 1985

Sylvis – Born July 2, 1955. was baptized by Rev. J. P.  Gravel, P. P. Sponsors Michael Neville and Mona Conway.   

Michael  –  Born July 29, 1959. Baptized by Rev. Gerard Bujold, S. S. S. P. P. Sponsors Henry Egan and Anne Conway.

Melvin:  Was born August 20, 1921. Baptized by Rev. J. D. Rouleau, P. P. Sponsors were George Madden and Mary Jane Reilly.  Died of heart failure, June 29, 1932.  Register Signed by  Rev. J. Hermyle Barabé, P. P. 

Madonna –  Born May 30, 1923. was baptized by Rev. J. D. Rouleau. Sponsors William Murphy and Stella Madden.  Was married at Valcartier, August 25, 1945 to Alphonse Jacques who was born in 1918

Their Children: 

 Robert- Born May 23, 1948. Baptized by Rev. Jean-Paul Gravel, P. P. The sponsors were his Grandparents Martin Murphy and Elizabeth Madden.  Was married at Loretteville in 1975 to Lillian


Gabriel born l975

Louise born 1955, was married at Loretteville in 1976 to Renoit Savard


Genevieve – born in 1980

Anne – Born in 1958.  Married at Lorette in 1980 to Pierre Savard 

William – Was born May 31,1926. Was baptized by Rev. Hermyle Barabe, P. P. Sponsors were Thomas Murphy and Ellen McLaughlin.  Was married to Kathleen Sheehan in 1953.


Ronald, born in 1955. Married at Valcartier to Susan Lavallee in 1979.


Ryan, born 1986.

Diane – Born in 1959 Rejean Dupuis


Melissa, born 1986. 

Harrison, born 1988. 

Tessie:    Was born in 1929.  Was married at Valcartier on Sept. 27th 1952 to Emile Verret. The marriage was blessed by Rev. Jean Paul Gravel, P.P.

Children; André – Born in 1959.