by G. LeFrancois

Information also acquired from: Armory and Lineages of Canada by George Todd, first published 1914, Nyvall Print Press, New York, NY.

Neilson of Neilsonville, Quebec

Col. John Louis Hubert Neilson, Signeur of Hubert, born Quebec, 24 March, 1845. Physician; late of the Royal Canadian Artillery; First Director General and organizer of the Canadian Army medical services; holds General Service medal, and Campaign medal, Soudan 1884-5 and two clasps; Knight of the Order of Melusine; Associate of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Married, Kingston, Nov. 16, 1888, Wilmot, daughter of J. Bramley Ridout of England, late Lt. Col. 26 Scottish Rifles, and Wilmot Beresford Hayter, his wife. Clubs and Societies: Quebec Garrison Club; Military Institute, Whitehall, London, England; Quebec Literary and Historical Society (President). Residences: Corsock, Neilsonville, Quebec, also his Seigneury of Hubert.


John Neilson, descendant of John MacNeil, Earl of Carrick was declared in 1436 with his wife Isabel Gordoun,proprietors of Castle Corsock in Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

His Descendant: John Neilson and his wife Margaret Gordon re-built the castle in 1588, which date appears cut in stone, with their Impaled Arms over the entrance.

Their Grandson: – John Neilson of Corsock, married Mary MacLellan, daughter of the last Earl of Kirkcudbright; she died Sept. 28.1697. (Note: this John Neilson was the Prototype of the martyr in Sir Walter Scott’s “Old Mortality”. being one of the leaders among the Covenanters. He was defeated at Bailton Green, made prisoner, subjected to the torture of the “Boot”, December 8. 1666, and hanged Dec. 14 at the Cross in Edinborogh. His body was buried at Greyfriars.

His Son: John Neilson of Corsock, married Anna Gordon of Carlestoun. He died 1708. His monument is in Kirkcudbright, Durham, Scotland.

His Eldest Son: Richard Neilson, manufacturer at Dundee. Married Janet Ray. Their Son: Robert Neilson, married Christina, daughter of James Guthrie of Craigie.

His Son: William Neilson, 1726-80, born Balmaghie. Laird and Landowner. Married Isabella, daughter of William Brown, Laird of Nunton and Langlands, died, Buitle, Jan. 19, 1780.

Issue: William, 1767-1859, unmarried. Samuel, 1772-93, unmarried. Agnes, unmarried. His third son: Hon. John Neilson. 1776-1848, born Dornald, Kirkcudbright ; King’s Printer and Legislator. etc., in Canada; married Marie Ursule, daughter and heir of Jacques Joseph Hebert and Pelagie de Rieutor, Co-Seigneur of Hubert, Quebec. Died Neilsonville, Quebec. She died 1866.

Issue : Samuel, 1798-1837, unmarried. Isabel. 1800-73, unmarried. William. 1805-95, married Margaret Cassin (Ancestors of Cornelius Neilson and Dr. Walter Neilson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Margaret, 1804-94. unmarried. John Neilson 1821-85, born Corsock, Neilsonville, married Laura Caroline, daughter and heir of Capt. John Moorehead and Margaret du Berger, of the British Army and A.A.G. on the Staff Quebec. (Around 1820, at the time when Sainte-Foy was still an agricultural territory, John Neilson (born 1821) owned on the Saint-Louis road two large properties called Corsock and Dornald. His son John Samuel will reside in this area, known as Neilsonville. John Neilson however resides in Cap-Rouge, where he will end his days.)

Issue: John Louis Hubert, as above. Laura Janet, 1847-83, unmarried. John Samuel 1850-82, unmarried. Norman de Riegtord, 1853-1926. Married Alice de Lanaudiere, who died 1950. William Augustus Alfred, b. 1858, married Flora LeMoine. Ida Isabel, married Dr. Brophy. Henry Ivan, born 1865, married Matilda Anne Green.

Issue: Norman de Riegtord. Gordon, unmarried. Dr. Robert married Alexina?

Issue: Annette Marie, married Lt. Col. H.A. Jefferson, 5th R.W.F. His Son, Denis married Mark. Issue Silvia Margaret, married Dr. L.L. Satow. Sons David, Christopher, Ian, unmarried. Ex Ida, John B. 3 children. Isabel 3. Lala 6. Bertha and Agnes, unmarried. Henry Ivan. Helen unmarried. Nora married H. Ellwood 3, Walter married Marge ? 2.