12th April 1897
Will of Eugene O’Sullivan
Husband of Catherine Julia Cassin

From records of Notary Rupert Genest LaBarre
No. 1011
Translated from the Original Will (in French) at the Quebec Archives

Before us Rupert Genest LaBarre, Notary Public, for the Province of Quebec resident of the Parish of Notre-Dame-de-Chateau-Richer, in the District of Quebec, undersigned, appeared Eugene  O’Sullivan, Esquire, Civil Servant from the Parish of Ange-Gardien, who being sick of body but of sound mind, memory, judgment and understanding as it appeared unto us, the undersigned Notary and witnesses hereinafter named, by his manner and his conversation, made his will, and declared it contained his last wishes, as follows:

As a Christian the Testator has recommended his soul to God asking for his merciful forgiveness.

The Testator wishes and orders that his just debts be paid and his wrongs satisfied.

The Testator also declared that he gives and bequeaths all his moveable and immoveable property that he leaves in dying to Dame Catherine Julia Cassin, his wife, and names her his universal legatee and for her to use, enjoy and dispose of in full property from the day of his decease forever, with the exception of the Business College of Quebec that he gives and bequeaths to Henry O’Sullivan and John O’Sullivan, his two brothers for the use of Eugene O’Sullivan and William O’Sullivan, his two sons, and he names as Testamentary Executors the said Dame Catherine Julia Cassin, his wife, Henry O’Sullivan, Land Surveyor of the Parish of St. Ambroise and John O’Sullivan, Land Surveyor of the City of Valleyfield, his two brothers, to execute the present will and he leaves to their discretion his funeral arrangements and he revokes all testaments and codicils that he may have heretofore made, declaring the present alone to contain his true last wishes.

Done and passed at the Parish of Ange Gardien, under the number one thousand and eleven, and the said Testator has signed, after the reading of the present will by the Notary, in the presence of Messr. Ambroise Baillargeon, Farmer, and Calixte Goulet, Miller, both of the said Parish of Ange-Gardien., who being called have signed with the said Testator and the said Notary, in the presence of each other, the twelfth day of April one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven.

Five words struck out. One marginal note good.

E. O’Sullivan, his signature;

Ambroise Baillargeon, his signature;

Calixte Goulet, his signature;

Rupert G. LaBarre, N.P., his signature


Transcribed by Gerald Neville, 2011

Note by Patricia Balkcom:   Eugene died on the same day that he wrote this will.  He was reportedly 55 years of age.  Although only two sons are mentioned in the will, he had at least 11 children.  Six of these were with his wife, Mary Woodlock, and four of them predeceased him, the two sons mentioned were the remaining children of this marriage.  He had at least five more children with his second wife, Catherine Julia Cassin.