14th June 1873
Last Will of Samuel Clark
Husband of Bridget McCabe
From records of Notary Charles Henry Andrews
No. 1719
Quebec Archives Film Online

On the fourteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy three, at the request of Samuel Clark of the Parish of St. Gabriel de Valcartier, farmer, at the residence of James Burns, Farmer, of the same place, and in the presence of George Todd and James Burns, both of the same place, Farmers, I the undersigned Notary duly commissioned and sworn and residing at the City of Quebec in the Province of Quebec did receive and write down his his last will and testament which he made and dictated in manner and form following, that is to say:

I will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and satisfied as soon as possible after my decease.

I will and bequeath unto my son, Samuel Clark, the lot of land I now reside on which is number nineteen of the first range of River aux Pins St. Gabriel West, together with all the moveable effects, horses, cows and stock which I may die possessed of subject to the payment by the said Samuel Clark to his mother Bridget McCabe of the sum of two hundred and forty dollars currency in case of his said mother not residing or wishing to reside with my said son and as soon as she may demand payment thereof. And in case the said Bridget McCabe residing with my said son then I will and direct that he shall clothe, board and lodge during her life his said mother and also the use of a said milk cow, the fencing and housing of said cow to be at cost of my said son and also to pay his brother William Clark the sum of eighty dollars when he comes the age of twenty one years. I also will and bequeath unto my said son Samuel number eight of the first range of the North West side of the River aux Pins, Parish of Valcartier, and the right of cutting and using to my son William of one half of the timber which may be on the said lot, and Samuel shall pay to my said son William the sum of two hundred dollars when he shall attain the age of majority.

I will and bequeath unto my said son William whatever money or moneys I may die possessed of to be his own property to do as he may deem fit as soon as he becomes of age, my said wife Bridget McCabe to have the enjoyment thereof until such time as he attains the age of majority.

And the said Bridget McCabe, wife of the said Samuel Clark, being present also doth will and direct that the present will be carried out according to its true intent and meaning.

It was thus made, dictated and named by the said Samuel Clark unto the said Notary in the presence of the said George Todd and James Burns witnesses, after the present will having been read to him the said Testator by me the said Notary he declared to well understand the same and persisted therein declaring it to be his true last will and testament.

Done and executed at the said Parish of St. Gabriel de Valcartier at the residence of the said James Burns on the day and year first above written and recorded in the office of Charles H. Andrews, the undersigned Notary, under the number one thousand seven hundred and nineteen the said Testator & witnesses having signed and the said Bridget McCabe having declared she could not sign.

Thirty six words struck out are null. Two marginal notes good.

Samuel Clark, his signature

George Todd, his signature

James Burns, his signature

C.H. Andrews, Notary, his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, April 2011