24th February 1904
Last Will of Judith Conway
Wife of Patrick King
From records of Notary Cyrille Renaud
No. 2633
Transcribed from the Original Will – Quebec Archives

On this twenty fourth day of February, one thousand nine hundred and four, before me Cyrille Renaud Public Notary residing in the parish of St. Ambroise of Jeune Lorette, undersigned, and William Lyons and James Johnston, both farmers residing in the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, witnesses requested for the purpose of these presents, personally appeared Julie Conway, wife of Patrick King,  of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, which hath requested us, the said Notary and witnesses  to write down and receive her last will as follows:

1º I give and bequeath to my son Patrick King all my moveable and immoveable properties that I constitute my universal legatee.

2º I nominate my said son Patrick King as Executor of this my will.

3º I revoke all wills that I may have heretofore made and I declare the present will to be my only true last will and testament. Done and passed at Valcartier under Notarial Number two thousand six hundred and thirty three.

After the reading of the said will to the Testatrix by the Notary in presence of witnesses aforesaid, the Testatrix, the Notary and witnesses have signed in the presence of each other.

Judy Conway, her signature;

W. Lyons, his signature;

James Johnston, his signature;

Cy. Renaud, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, 2011

Note by Patricia Balkcom:  Judith’s husband, Patrick, died two weeks after she wrote this will and she died one year after this will was written.  She was reportedly 68 years of age.  Although she had ten known children, only her son, Patrick, is mentioned in the will.