9th September 1852
Will of James Cullen
Husband of Helen Cranny
From records of Notary Jean-Baptiste Pruneau
No. 2005
Quebec Archives Film #4MO1-5687

Before us the undersigned Notaries Public duly admitted, commissioned, and sworn in and for that part of the Province of Canada heretofore called Lower Canada, and residing at the City of Quebec in the said Province came and appeared Mr. James Cullen, Farmer, residing in the Township of Stoneham, in the County and District of Quebec, and who being in perfect good health and perfectly sound in his mind, memory, and understanding as appeared unto us the said Notaries by his discourse and proposals declared unto us the said Notaries that considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the hour thereof he was desirous of making his solemn will and testament which he requested us the said Notaries to write down and which he dictated unto us and for and in manner following, to wit:

1º I recommend my soul to Almighty God and commit my body to the earth to be interred after my decease in a manner suitable to my condition.

2º I do will and ordain that all my just debts be paid and my Owings repaid by Executrix Testamentary hereinafter named.

3º I do hereby give and bequeath unto Helen Cranny, my beloved wife, all and every the property moveable and immoveable real and personal whereof I may die possessed ensuing and intending that the said Helen Cranny may enjoy and dispose of all my said property after my decease in full property and forever hereby naming her my universal Legatee and the Executrix of my present Will and Testament.

4º I hereby revoke all other testaments and codicils by me made before these presents which alone I consider contents my true intention and last will and desire.

It was thus dictated and named by the said Testator unto us the said Notaries and these presents having been duly read and read over again to the said Testator by Jean-Baptiste Pruneau one of the said undersigned Notaries in the presence of his colleague Notary, he the said Testator declared that he well understood and heard the same and persisted herein.

Done and executed at Quebec at the office of the said J.-B. Preneau on the ninth day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty two under the number two thousand and five, and the said Testator being requested to sign declared that he cannot sign nor write his name and these presents having been fully read and read over again according to law.

Eight words struck our are null and void.

J.-B. Pruneau, Notary, his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, January 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  It appears that James actually wrote this will a month before he was married to Helen Cranny.  He lived 18 years past the writing of this will and they had nine children.