13th June 1855
Last Will of Peter Cullen
Transcribed from the Original Will
Record No. 272
Quebec Archives – “Register of Holographic Wills, Testaments and Codicils”

In the event of my death, this is my last will and testament.

I desire to be buried in a suitable manner that an anniversary service be celebrated and twelve low masses said for the repose of my soul.

I desire that all my debts be paid and satisfied and all the expense I may have incurred during my present sickness, the whole in conformity with Mr. Duchesnay’s views, allowing over and above her daily hire or charge old Mrs. Parras the sum of twenty shillings as a present.

I request Mr. Duchesnay to dispose of my clothes and furniture in favor of some poor person or persons as he may think fit.

I give to the Fabrique of the Parish of Sainte Catherine, where I am living, the sum of five pounds currency.

I give and bequeath unto my nephew Robert Baker the sum of twenty five pounds currency, but I do not wish him to have that sum before he shall have attained the age of twenty two years. I must remain until that time in the present debtor’s hands at interest of six percent per annum. Should Mr. Duchesnay however, who has always had care and management of my monies since the death of the late Mr. Paisley, deem it advantageous for my nephew, he may pay it over to him at any time he chooses.

I also leave and give unto my niece Catherine Baker the sum of seven pounds currency.

Should my nephew above named turn out not to be a steady and well behaved lad, the legacy made to him will revert to my above named niece. I leave Mr. Duchesnay to judge of his behavior and request him to consult with his employer on the subject, but in any case, whatever, Mr. Duchesnay does in relation to the matter, my nephew and all others must abide by.

I request that Mr. Duchesnay to see that this my last will and testament be executed according to my intent and meaning.

As Frederick Hardy has had no notarial discharge from me for the payment of his obligation to me, I hereby acknowledge that he has paid me and owes me nothing whatsoever. I mention this as my private receipt might have been lost or mislaid.

Should the forgoing legacies and above mentioned debts and expenses not meet the amount that I may have at my death, I wish the overplus of my monies to be paid to my nephew as before stated.

One word erased is null.

Ste. Catherine 13th June 1855

Peter Cullen, his signature;

John Molony, his signature;

Lazare Bordeleau, his signature;

Aug. Duchesnay, his signature.


NOTE by Gerry Neville: Peter Cullen was the son of John Cullen and Mary Horan of County Kildare, Ireland. He was the brother of Margaret Cullen (married to Richard Baker). Peter Cullen died on the 15 June 1855 and was buried in Ste-Catherine, County Portneuf, on the 17 June 1855.  He refers to Mr. Paisley – this is Father Hugh Paisley who he worked off and was left money in the priest’s will.


The 1851 Census of Ste-Catherine lists:

Peter Cullen, Gentleman, Born: Kildare, Catholic, Age: 48

M[argaret Cullen, Labourer, Kildare, Catholic, Age 42 (widow)

Robert Baker, Kildare, Age: 13


Robert Baker (s/o Richard Baker & Margaret Cullen) married Honora Murphy (d/o Thomas Murphy & Catherine Donovan) were married in St. Patrick’s Church on 28 May 1861. Robert Baker died 24 October 1874 (St. Patrick’s Church, Quebec City).

Will probated 03 September 1855

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, January, 2012