16th December 1887
Will of Mary Dalton
Widow of John Woodlock
From records of Notary Cyrille Tessier
No. 7376
Transcribed from the original Will
at the Quebec Archives

On this day, the sixteenth of December, one thousand eight hundred and eight seven, before the undersigned Notaries Public for the Province of Quebec, Canada, residing in the City of Quebec, personally came and appeared Mrs. Mary Dalton, of the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, widow of the late John Woodlock, in his life time of the same place, Farmer, who has made as follows her last will and testament.

I give, devise and bequeath to my son Michael Woodlock all the property real and personal, moveable and immoveable which I may die possessed of without exception, to have and to hold the same in full ownership, instituting him my universal legatee and I leave to him to fix and arrange the manner and expense of my funeral.

This last will and testament received by Cy. Tessier Notary in the presence of G.F. C. de Léry, his colleague, having read to the Testatrix by the first named Notary in the presence of his said colleague, she has declared well to understand the same and has persisted in the same as containing her last instructions.

At Quebec, office of the said Cy. Tessier, under the number seven thousand three hundred and seventy six of his records.

In witnesses whereof the said Notaries have signed in the presence of one another and the Testatrix who has declared not to know how to write her name, these presents having been previously read according to law.

Nine words erased are null and void.

Mary D. Woodlock, her mark;

G.F. C. de Léry, N.P., his signature;

Cy. Tessier, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerry Neville – March 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Mary had written an earlier will in 1858 leaving all her possessions to her husband.  She outlived him and wrote this will leaving everything to her son, youngest surviving son, Michael.  Mary and her husband had 11 children, six of them predeceased Mary.  Mary died almost 10 years (1896) after writing this will so it is possible there is an even later one.