27th October 1908
Will of Patrick Devine
Husband of Jane Carleton
From the Notary Records of Jean-Baptiste Delage
Record #16314
Quebec Archives Online

On this day, the twenty seventh of the month of October, one thousand nine hundred and eight, before the undersigned Notary Public for the Province of Quebec, Canada, residing and practising in the City of Quebec and before Alexander Henry Bruce McKee & John Payne, Farmers, of the Parish of St. Edmond of Stoneham, in the County of Quebec, witnesses to these presents, personally came and appeared Patrick Devine, Farmer, of said Parish of St. Edmond of Stoneham, who has made his last will and testament as follows:

1º I give, devise and bequeath unto William Devine, my son, all the properties, moveable and immoveable, real and personal, I may die possessed of, instituting him my universal legatee, to have and to hold the same in full ownership from the day of my death, but the usufruct and enjoyment only at the death of Jane Carleton, my wife, to whom I give such usufruct & enjoyment during her life time, without being bound to make any inventory & to give security. I wish and order that a service be sung on the day of my burial & another one year after this. This will is made at the charge by my son of boarding, clothing and feeding his sister, Harriet, and paying her when she will marry or leave the house a sum of one hundred dollars & another sum of twenty five dollars to his other sister, Jane.

2º I do nominate and appoint my son my Testamentary Executor and I do revoke all other wills and testaments I may have done before this day.

This last will and testament received by Jean-Baptiste Delage, the undersigned Notary, in the presence of said witnesses, having been read to the Testator, said Notary, in presence of said witnesses, he declared to understand well the same and has persisted in the same as containing his true intentions. Thus done and executed at St. Edmond of Stoneham, dwelling of the Testator, under the number sixteen thousand three hundred & fourteen of the records of said Notary.

In witness whereof the said Testator has signed with and in the presence of said Notary and witnesses, who have also signed with and in the presence of said Testator and in the presence of one another, after the reading done.

Twenty words erased are null & two marginal notes good.

Patrick Devine, his signature;

A.H.B. McKee, his signature;

John Payne, his signature;

J.B. Delage, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerry Neville – October, 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Patrick died on the 25th of April 1911 at the reported age of 86 years.  His wife, Jane, died in December of the same year.  Although only three children are mentioned in this will, they had at least thirteen children.