16th October 1835
Last Will of Mary Dunn
Widow of Michael Carroll
Deposited by the Rev. Hugh Paisley to the records
of Notary Dominique Lefrançois on 27 October 1835
Quebec Archives Microfilm #4M01-4794

On the sixteenth day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty five, was present before me the undersigned Curate of the Parish of St. Catherine de Fossambault and the undersigned witnesses Mary Dunn residing in the Parish of St. Catherine de Fossambault born in the County of Wicklow Ireland, widow of the late Michael Carroll, who being sick but having sound judgment and reason as it appeared to me and the undersigned witnesses, has declared to me her desire of making her last Will and Testament and has accordingly declared what follows, viz.:

1º I bequeath my soul to Almighty God hoping that he will receive it in his great mercy and forgive me all my sins through the merits of my Redeemer Jesus Christ.

2º I leave my body to the earth from whence it was taken hoping that my children will give me a decent and Christian burial.

3º I leave and bequeath to my son Michael Carroll all my landed property consisting of two acres, and the two-thirds of two acres more, by thirty more or less in depth, the other third part of the last two acres belonging to my daughter Catherine Carroll. I leave likewise to my said son Michael Carroll all my moveable property and chattels and whatsoever I may have at the hour of my death except my stove and my feather bed which I leave to my daughter Catherine Carroll.

4º I leave and bequeath to my said daughter Catherine Carroll besides my stove and feather bed, the sum of twenty pounds currency which are to be paid to her by my son Michael Carroll under condition that when she will marry or become of age she will give up and abandon to him the right to the third part of his two acres of land by thirty in depth as before mentioned, the said twenty pounds to be paid in five different yearly installments of four pounds yearly after she will become of age.

5º I leave nothing to any of my other children as they have already had their share and have no more claim to any thing that I possess.

6º I hereby revoke and annul all and every other will or testament I may have before made.

7º My will is that if any of my two children Michael and Catherine Carroll should die without being married or without issue, whatever I leave to them severally will belong to the surviving child, and any other of my children will have no claim to any part of their property, until they freely and willingly leave to them.

This the said Mary Dunn has declared to be her last will and testament after having been read according to law, in presence of Jacob Doyle, John Doyle, and John McGrath undersigned with me. The said Testatrix, Mary Dunn, has declared not to be able to write on account of her sickness.

Done and passed in the dwelling house of the said Mary Dunn on the day and year aforesaid and signed with us.

Seven words on the margin are good, one word erased is null.

Jacob Doyle, his signature;

John Doyle, his signature;

John McGrath, his signature;

H. Paisley, Priest, his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, May, 2011

Note by Patricia Balkcom:  Mary died five days later on the 21st October 1835.