25th September 1849
Will of Reverend Michael Griffith
From Notary Records of Alex.-Benjamin Sirois Duplessis
No. 3565
Quebec Archives Microfilm #4M01-5752

On the twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine, at the request of the Reverend Michael Griffith, Priest and heretofore the Curate of the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier now at the General Hospital near the City of Quebec, we, the undersigned Notary Public duly admitted and sworn in and for that part of the Province of Canada, called Lower Canada, residing in the City of Quebec and the witnesses hereinafter named went to the said General Hospital where being we found the said Reverend Michael Griffith sick of body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, blessed be the Almighty God for the same, he dictated unto us,  that considering the certainty of death therefore wishes to make, publish and declare his last will and testament and accordingly he did make, publish and declare and dictate the same, unto us the said Notary and witnesses in manner following:

First and principally, the Testator doth recommend his soul unto Almighty God, his Creator and Saviour.

Secondly, I doth will and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied for that purpose and for the celebration of masses in my intention. I will and direct that all the books of my library be sold and the proceeds be employed for the purposes aforesaid.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath the sum of twenty pounds currency to be employed for the building of the new church of Valcartier.

Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my sister Ann Griffith, widow of John Lawn, now in Canada and to my brother Thomas Griffith now in Ireland the land I possess in Valcartier together with the house and buildings thereon  erected with the intent however that any part of the said land will not be sold without the consent of both of the said Ann Griffith and Thomas Griffith and in the event that the said Thomas Griffith not live in the house now built on the land, he will be in such case obliged to build of his own another house at his own expense.

Fifthly, I give and bequeath unto the said Ann Griffith and Thomas Griffith my cattle to be used or equally divided between them.

Sixthly, I give and bequeath unto the said Mrs. Ann Griffith and Ann Boyle, wife of Patrick Cassin, all the furniture which was heretofore at the Presbytery, to be divided in manner following, to wit: six rush bottom chairs, two tables, one sofa, one looking glass, one bedstead complete, an a washing stand to the said Ann Boyle, but in the last case the said Thomas Griffith will have the possession of my stove to be enjoyed in full property in such case, and to wit my own bed and one other bed and a blanket, six chairs, a chest of drawers, to the said Ann Griffith for the use of her daughter Mary Ann at her option.

Seventhly, whereas the said Patrick Cassin hath signed a promissory note in my favor sometime past for the sum of twenty eight pounds currency, I give and bequeath the said sum or the amount of the said promissory note to the said Ann Boyle his said wife to be used by her in full property from the time of my decease.

Eighthly, I give and bequeath unto Mrs. Ann Boyle my cow, my new harness and my gig.

Ninthly, I give and bequeath unto the said Mrs. Ann Griffith all and every other moveable property, furniture, ready money and all other things and effects I may be possessed of or entitled to at the time of my decease to be enjoyed by her in full property instituting the said Mrs. Ann Griffith my residuary and universal legatee annulling and cancelling all former wills and codicils I may have done before these presents.

Lastly, I nominate and appoint the Reverend Patrick Kerrigan, one of the Priests of St. Patrick’s Church in Quebec, the Executor of my present last will and testament.

Thus done, dictated and named word for word by the said Testator unto Alexandre Benjamin Sirois, Notary, in the presence of the Reverend Charles Félix Cazeau, Priest, residing in the City of Quebec, and Mr. John Byrne, one of the Priests of the said General Hospital and residing in the said Hospital, witnesses called for the purposes of the said last will and testament, and the said last will and testament having been read and read over again by the said Alexandre Benjamin Sirois in the presence of the said witnesses to the Reverend Michael Griffith, he declared the same to be his true ind and last will and the said testator hath signed his name and signature together with us the said Notary and witnesses, on the day and year first above written, under the number three thousand five hundred and sixty eight, in faith and testimony of the presents and after the reading of this done.

Five marginal notes approved. Words struck out are null.

Michael Griffith, Priest; his signature;

F. Cazeau, Priest, his signature;

John Byrne, Priest, his signature;

A.B. Sirois, N.P., his signature


Transcribed by Gerald Neville, 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Father Michael died one month later on the 28th of October at the reported age of 60 years.  He was buried in St. Gabriel Cemetery in Valcartier.  He had been the parish priest there.