2nd  January 1883
Last Will of John Gurry
Husband of Catherine Henry
From Notary Records of Samuel-Isidore Glackmeyer
Record #9827
Quebec Archives Online

On this second day of the month of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty three, before us the undersigned Public Notaries, for the Province of Quebec, residing at the City of Quebec, in the said Province personally came and appeared John Gurry, of the Town of Levis, Gentleman, in good bodily health and of sound mind, memory and judgment, as it appeared to us the said Notaries by his words & gestures, who declared that he had attended, at the office of Mtre. Samuel I. Glackmeyer one of the undersigned Notaries. for the purpose of making his last will and testament & which he did then and there make & dictate in the following manner, to wit:

1º I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, humbly beseeching forgiveness of all my sins.

2º I give, devise and bequeath unto Catherine, Bridget and Mary, three of my daughters issue of my marriage with the late Catherine Henry, my wife, one fourth each in the whole of the property I may die possessed of either moveable or immoveable, in full and absolute property.

3º I give, devise and bequeath unto Annie Gurry, my other daughter, wife of James Maloney, the use, usufruct & enjoyment of the other fourth of my said property during her life so long or so long as she does not return or reside with her said husband, in which last case, she shall lose all right to the usufruct of my said property bequeathed to her by my present last will. And after her death or in the event of returning to her said husband, then I give, devise & bequeath unto Jane Maloney, her daughter, the full & absolute property of the said fourth. And in the event of the death of the said Jane Maloney, before having attained the age of twenty one years, then I will & direct that the same revert to my said three daughters Catherine, Bridget, and Mary to be divided equally between them.

4º I do hereby cancel, & annul all other former wills I may heretofore have made.

5º I do hereby name and appoint my said daughter Catherine to be the tExecutrix of this my present last will & Testament into whose hands I hereby divest myself of the whole of my property according to law, it is my will and intention that the powers and immunities of my said Executrix shall not cease at the end of a year and a day, but shall last & continue so long as my present last will shall not have been fully carried out.

Thus it was made by the said John Gurry to me the said Samuel I. Glackmeyer on the said Notaries in the presence of Joseph G. Couture, his colleague, hereunto expressly called and the said present last will having been intelligibly by me the said Samuel I. Glackmeyer in the presence of my said colleague to the said Testator, he declared he understood the same well and persisted therein as containing truly his last will.

Thus done and passed at the said City of Quebec, in the office of Mtre. Samuel I. Glackmeyer in and of the undersigned Notaries the day, month and year first above written under the number nine thousand eight hundred and twenty seven. And signed by the said Testator in the presence of the said Notaries  who have also signed in the presence of each other after the reading of these presents.

One marginal note approved good and five words expunged are null.

John Gurry. his signature; J.G. Couture, N.P., his signature; S.I. Glackmeyer, N.P., his signature

NOTE by Gerald Neville:  John Gurry (s/o Edward Gurry & Bridget Beglan of County Dublin, Ireland) married  Catherine Henry (d/o James Henry & Mary Grace) in Ste-Catherine, County Portneuf, Quebec, on 19 January 1841.

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, January, 2012