10 October 1870
Last Will and Testament of Robert Hewton
Son of Robert Hewton
From the Records of Notary Charles Aylwin
Record #1128
Quebec Archives Microfilm #4M01-1211

On the tenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy, before me the undersigned Public Notary duly commissioned and sworn in and for that part of the Province of Canada heretofore Lower Canada, residing at the Parish of Cap Santé in the District and Dominion Province of Quebec and the witnesses hereinafter named, personally came, appeared and was present Robert Hewton (son of the late Robert Hewton of Bourg Louis in the Parish of Saint Raymond in the said District and Province, Farmer).

Which said Robert Hewton being in indifferent health but of sound mind, memory, and understanding as to us appeared by his manner and conversation and being desirous of disposing of such worldly goods as it has pleased Divine Providence to bestow upon him, hath requested of me Charles Aylwin, the undersigned Notary, to receive and reduce into writing this his last Will and Testament and which I have accordingly done as dictated to me by him, word by word (mot à mot) in the presence of the said witnesses in the words following to wit:

Firstly and principally, I commend my soul to Almighty God humbly imploring his Divine Mercy and remission of the sins which I may have committed. Amen!

Secondly, I will and direct that all my just and lawful debts and funeral expenses be paid and satisfied by my Executor hereinafter named.

Thirdly, I will and bequeath all and singular the property real and personal, moveable and immoveable of which I may die possessed and wherever the same may be situate and being, without any reserve whatsoever, unto my younger brother William Hewton now residing at the City of Boston in the State of Massachusetts, United States in proof of my affection for him.

To have and to hold all and singular the said property, real and personal, moveable and immoveable generally whatsoever, unto the said William Hewton, his heirs, assigns, to the only proper use and behalf of my said brother William Hewton, his heirs and assigns, in full and absolute property from and after my decease from thereto-forth forever.

And for the execution of this my present last will and testament, I do hereby appoint the said brother William Hewton with full power and authority therefore and whom I hereby institute my sole and universal legatee.

Hereby revoking all other wills, testaments and codicils which I may have made prior to the present, to which alone, I do adhere as containing my true intention and last will.

This done and dictated word for word (mot à mot) and published and declared by the said Testator as and for his last Will and Testament to me the said Notary in the presence of Joseph Melville Bernard of Cap Santé aforesaid, Esquire, Merchant, and Ovide Bigué of Portneuf, Master Tailor, both of the said Parish of Cap Santé, and after the said Will hath been read and read over, to the said Testator in the presence of the said witnesses, he hath persisted therein as containing his true intention and last will and hath signed the same with me & the said witnesses in my office in the Parish of Cap Santé aforesaid on the day and year first above written at the hour of eleven in the forenoon. These presents being one thousand one hundred and twenty eight.

Two marginal notes approved are good; Nine words struck out are null.

Robert Hewton, his signature, Charles Aylwin, Pub. Notary, his signature;

J. Melville Bernard, his signature; Ovide Bigué, his signature

Transcribed by Gerald J. Neville – May 2011