10th June 1877
Last Will of Margaret Kerr
Wife of James McCartney
From records of Notary Charles Henry Andrews
No. 2291
Quebec Archives Online

On the tenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven,

At the request of Margaret Kerr, wife of James McCartney of the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, I the undersigned Notary Public went to her residence in said parish where I found her sick in bed but of sound and perfect mind who requested of me in the presence of Thomas O’Neill of the place known as Little River near the City of Quebec, Farmer, and Joseph Harriet of the same place, Farmer, to write down her last will and testament which she made & dictated as follows:

I will and bequeath to my beloved husband, James McCartney, all my property moveable and immoveable of whatever nature or kind whatsoever which I may be possessed to be enjoyed by him during his natural life time and which property I desire he may will and bequeath as he may deem fit.

It was thus made, dictated, and named as aforesaid in the presence of the said witnesses and me the said Notary the said Testatrix having declared to have perfectly heard and understood the same having been first duly read the said Testatrix hereby making null and void all former wills by her made and declaring this to be her last will and testament.

Thus done and executed at the Parish of Valcartier on the day and year first above written and recorded in the office of Charles H. Andrews under the number two thousand two hundred and ninety one the said Testatrix having declared she could not sign her name these presents first duly read as aforesaid,

Margaret Kerr, her mark

Thos,. O’Neill, his signature

Joseph Harriet, his signature

C.H. Andrews, Notary, his signature

[Translated and transcribed by Gerry Neville]

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Margaret died 10 days later at the reported age of 57.