1st August 1907
Will of James Loughren
Husband of Marie Paquet
From records of Notary Jean-Baptist Delage
No. 15915
Translated from Quebec Archives Online (from French)

The first day of August one thousand nine hundred and seven, before the Notary Public for the Province of Quebec, Canada, residing and practising in the City of Quebec & the Messrs. Ferdinand Plamondon & Severin Plamondon, farmers, of the Parish of St. Edmond of Stoneham, County of Quebec, witnesses required for the execution of the presents, undersigned, appeared James Loughren, farmer, of the said Parish of St. Edmond of Stoneham, who made his will in the manner following:

Art. 1. I wish that a service shall be sung the day of my burial, other one year after and that ten low masses be said for the repose of my soul as soon as possible after my death.

Art. 2. I give and bequeath to Joseph Loughren, my son, my part of land situated in the said Parish of St. Edmond of Stoneham containing four arpents in width by about eighteen arpents in depth, more or less, without guarantee of exact measurement, bounded on one side in the South West by the land of John McKeown and on the other side to the North East by that of Joseph Legaré, on the North side by that of Ferdinand Plamondon and on the South side by the exit road of John McKeown, to enjoy and hold in absolute property from the day of my death.

Art. 3. I give and bequeath to James Loughren, my other son, all my other goods moveable and immoveable that I may have at my death to enjoy and hold in absolute property, instituting him my universal legatee. I charge my universal legatee to lodge with him his sister, Elizabeth, as long as she is not provided for through marriage or otherwise, to feed, clothe, and board, to keep and care for her in sickness under condition that she works for the profit of her brother. However, if she works elsewhere what she gains belongs to her, her brother will be free of his obligation towards her and if she dies at his place, he will bury her and have a service sung the day of her burial.

Art 4. I name my son James, my Testamentary Executor and revoke all wills heretofore made.

This will was received by Jean-Baptiste Delage, the undersigned Notary, in the presence of the said witnesses, having been read to the Testator by the Notary in the presence of the witnesses, he declared that it conformed to his last wishes.

Executed at St. Edmond of Stoneham, residence of the Testator, under the number fifteen thousand nine hundred and fifteen of the minutes of the said Notary.

In faith and testimony whereof the Notary and witnesses have signed in the presence of each other and in the presence of the Testator who declared he was unable to sign because of his weakness, after the reading made.

Two marginal notes good, and eighteen words struck out are null.

Ferdinand Plamondon, his signature;

Severin Plamondon, his signature,

J.B. Delage, N.P., his signature


NOTE: The spelling “Laughren” is used throughout the original will.

James Loughren (s/o Bernard Loughren and Mary Dunn) married Marie Paquet in St-Edmond-de-Stoneham on 13 June 1873.

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, 2011

Note by Patricia Balkcom:  James died a few weeks later on the 23rd of August at about 72 years of age.  He had one other known daughter, Mary, who is not mentioned in the will.  It’s possible she had predeceased him.