27th  July 1858
Last Will of Charles Loughton
Husband of Jane Patton
Transcribed from the Records of Notary John Childs
Record # 3764
Quebec Archives Microfilm #4M01-1602

Before us the undersigned Notaries Public duly admitted, commissioned and sworn in and for that part of the Province of Canada called Lower Canada, residing at the City of Quebec in the said Province personally came and appeared Mr. Charles Sideriff(?) Loughton of the Parish of Valcartier, Farmer, who being in good bodily health and of sound judgment and memory and understanding as appeared to us the said Notaries by his discourse and proposals, voluntarily acknowledged and declared unto us the said Notaries that considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the hour thereof, he desired to make his present last solemn will and testament which he required us the said Notaries to receive and which he dictated unto us word for word in manner and form following, viz.:

Firstly and principally I recommend my soul to Almighty God begging him to pardon my multiple sins thro the merits of Jesus Christ, my Saviour & Redeemer and I commit my body to the earth to be interred after my decease in a manner suitable to my condition.

Secondly, I will and ordain that as soon as possible after my decease all my just debts be paid and satisfied by my Testamentary Executrix hereinafter named.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto Dame Jane Patton my beloved wife, the enjoyment and usufruct of all and every the property real and personal, moveable and immoveable of which I may die possessed and of whatever nature the same may be and wherever the same may be situated for by her my said actual spouse to enjoy thereof and of the profits and revenues of the same during her natural life, provided nevertheless that she shall remain a widow because otherwise is she contracts a second marriage the said legacy shall become null and void from the day that she might contract such second marriage, for such is my desire.

Fourthly, I do give and bequeath unto the children issue of my present marriage with the said Jane Patton, all the above mentioned property of which I may die possessed to be equally divided between them my said children after the decease of the said Jane Patton their mother or from the day that she might contract a second marriage as aforesaid, hereby naming them my universal legatees.

Fifthly, I do hereby name and appoint as my Testamentary Executrix the person of the said Jane Patton my said spouse into whose hands of whom I do hereby divest and disseize myself of all my said property according to the custom of the country.

Sixthly, I do hereby cncel and revoke all other wills and codicils which I may have made before this present one which alone I consider as containing my true intentions and last will and desire.

It was thus dictated and named unto us the said Notaries by the said Testator and these presents having been duly read unto him by John Childs one of us the said Notaries in the presence of  Edward Tessier, his confrere, he the said Testator declared that he well understood the same and persisted in all and every the contents thereof.

For thus done and passed at the said City of Quebec on the twenty seventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight under the number three thousand seven hundred and sixty four, and the said Testator has signed these presents together with us the said Notaries in faith and testimony of the premises, first duly read over again according to the Law.

Marginal notes approved and words erased are null.

Charles Sideriff(?) Loughton, his signature;

Ed. Tessier, N.P., his signature;

J. Childs, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, July, 2011