13th February 1913
Last Will of Winnifred McLaughlin
Widow of James Loughren
Transcribed from the original at the Quebec Archives: 
“Collection of Holographic Wills, Testaments and Codicils”

I, Winnifred McLaughlin, widow of the late James Loughren of the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, County of Quebec, do declare that the following writing is my last will.

I ask God to take my soul and to forgive me my faults. I desire that my debts de paid and my body be decently buried, a grand mass one year after and that a sum of sixty dollars be spent for low masses for the repose of my soul & those of my family. I give and bequeath to my son, Henry, a sum of thirty dollars, and to Patrick & James, my other two sons, to each of them, a sum of one hundred dollars. I give and bequeath to my said son Patrick all other properties, moveable and immoveable in full ownership & I do nominate him my Testamentary Executor. I do declare that the above last will contains my last true intentions and I revoke all last wills I may have done before this day.

Not knowing how to write nor sign my name, I have made my cross before Reverend Aurilius Michaud, parish priest and Daniel Kack of Valcartier, witnesses & declared to them that the above writing is my last will.

This thirteenth day of February one thousand nine hundred and thirteen.

Winnifred McLaughlin, her mark

Signed in the presence of: J.A.A. Michaud, P. Priest, his signature; Daniel Kack, his signature


NOTE: Winnifred McLaughlin died 2 March 1914 and was buried on the 5 March 1914 in Valcartier at 88 years of age.  Winnifred had six daughters and three sons – her estate went to the boys.

 [Transcribed by Gerry Neville.]   April, 2012