11th February 1878
Last Will of Mary Miller
(Wife of Thomas Brooks)
From Notary Records of Philippe Huot
                           No. 7834
Quebec Archives Microfilm #4M01-5106

On this day, the eleventh of February one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight, before us the undersigned Notaries Public for the Province of Quebec, residing at the City of Quebec, personally came and appeared Mrs. Mary Miller of the Parish of St. Ambroise of Jeune Lorette, wife of Mrs. Thomas Brooks, farmer of the said parish. who being in good bodily health and of sound and perfect mind, memory and understanding requested us the said Notaries to write down & receive in due form of law her last will and testament which she instantly made and dictated unto us the said Notaries as follows, to wit:

I give & bequeath unto my husband Thomas Brooks all the property real & personal moveable & immoveable without any exception nor reserve whatsoever which I may die possessed of, the whole to be by him held, possessed and disposed of and from the day of my death in full & absolute property forever, hereby making him my universal legatee and appointing him the executor of my present last will & testament hereby revoking all former wills & codicils heretofore by me made, declaring the present to be my only true last will & testament.

Thus done, made and executed at Quebec in the office of Philippe Huot, one of the said Notaries, on the day and year first above written under the number seven thousand eight hundred and thirty four, the said Mary Miller  having signed with & in the presence of the said Notaries who have also both signed with & in the presence of each other & of the said Testatrix, these presents having been only read according to law & the said Testatrix persisting therein as containing her last will & intentions.

Mary Miller, her signature;

P. Paradis, N.P., his signature;

P. Huot, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, July 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  Mary died  at the reported age of 70 years, eight years after writing this will.