13th March 1886
Will of James Thompson
Husband of Catherine Guilfoyle

From the Notary Records of Georges-Theophile Tremblay
Record #6640
Quebec Archives Online

On this day the thirteenth of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty six, before Georges Théophile Tremblay, Notary Public residing and practising in the City of Quebec, undersigned, is present Mr. James Thompson, of the Parish of Ste, Catherine in the County of Portneuf, Farmer, who being sick, but perfectly sound of mind and understanding, as he appeared to the said Notary and to Mr. John O’Connell, Labourer, and Joseph Leanin Darbyson, Labourer, both residing in the City of Quebec, undersigned, two witnesses specially called in by the Testator for the legal execution of the present last will and testament, which said James Thompson has in the actual presence of the said and above named two witnesses, named and dictated his present last will and testament unto the said Notary in the following manner:

1º I recommend my soul to Almighty God hoping for a free pardon of all my sins.

2º I will and direct that all my debts be fully paid after my death by my Testamentary Executrix.

3º I give and bequeath unto my wife Catherine Guilfoyle the usufruct of all my immoveable properties for her to enjoy the same during her life.

4º I give and bequeath all my moveable properties of whatever nature and kind they may be unto my said wife Catherine Guilfoyle for her to enjoy and possess the same as proprietor after my death.

5º I will and direct that my said wife Catherine Guilfoyle may give either by will or by deed of gift, as she may choose, all and every one of my moveable properties to one or more of the children borne of our marriage.

6º I wish and direct that on the first day of November after my death during the term of ten years, she gives the sum of one dollar for requiem masses to be celebrated for the benefit of my soul

7º And as I have verbally before this day sold a farm in Ste. Catherine bearing the number fifty two of the Fifth Range unto John Campbell of Ste. Catherines, Farmer,

I will and direct that, in the case I should not give a notarial contract of the said sale before my death, that my said wife gives and sign that contract in favor of said John Campbell as soon as he should have given a sufficient sum of money to warrant or guarantee the payment of the whole price of sale which is of the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars.

8º I do appoint as my Testamentary Executrix the said Catherine Guilfoyle, my said wife.

It was thus named and dictated by the said Testator unto the said Notary in the said presence of the said two witnesses; and his present testament and last will have been read and read over again to the said Testator & he has declared to have well understood the same and has persisted in the content thereof.

Thus done and executed at Quebec at the residence of Mrs. Patrick Brown, his sister, where the Testator is now staying temporarily, 28 O’Connell Street, and recorded as number six thousand six hundred and forty of the original deed of the said undersigned Notary.

And after reading made according to law, the said witnesses and the said Notary have all signed these presents in the presence of each other, and in the presence of the Testator who has declared not to know how to write or sign and at the same moment.

Two marginal notes good.

James Thompson, his mark;

Joseph Leanin Darbyson, his signature;

J. O’Connell, his signature;

G.-T. Tremblay, N.P., his signature

Transcribed by Gerry Neville – October, 2011

Notes by Patricia Balkcom:  James died eight months later on the 7th of November at 46 years of age.