26 August 1850
Last Will of Janet Thomson
Wife of Robert Goodfellow

From the Notary Alex-Benjamin Sirois Duplessis
Record #3815
Quebec Archives Microfilm #4M01-5752

On the twenty sixth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty, before us the undersigned Notaries Public duly admitted and sworn in and for the Province of Canada, residing in the City of Quebec, personally came and appeared Janet Thomson, wife of Robert Goodfellow of the Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, Farmer, in the District of Quebec, who being in apparently good health of body and of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, blessed be the Almighty God for the same, hath declared unto us the said Notaries that considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time hereof wished to make her last will and testament and accordingly she did make, declare and dictate the same word for word unto us the said Notaries in manner following:

First and principally, the Testatrix doth recommend her soul into the hands of Almighty God, her Creator and Savior & his body she commits to the earth to be interred in a manner suitable to her condition and means at the time of her decease.

Secondly, the Testatrix doth will and direct that her just debts & funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied as soon as possible after her decease by her universal legatees hereinafter named.

Thirdly, the said Testatrix doth give and bequeath to Robert Goodfellow her beloved husband an annuity or pension of twelve pounds currency per year during his life time to be paid half yearly if he requests it from the time of her decease and also to have the milk of one cow of our own and also to be provided with sufficient firewood for his use ready for stove and also the use of the house and furniture in it during her life time also.

Fourthly, the said Testatrix doth give and bequeath unto Janet Goodfellow, Mary Ann Goodfellow, Margaret Goodfellow, Helen Goodfellow, and Robert Goodfellow her son and daughters to each of them the sum of five shillings currency to be paid not before the youngest son of the said Testatrix may have attained the full age of twenty one years.

Fifthly, the said Testatrix doth give and bequeath unto William Goodfellow, John Goodfellow, and Thomas Thompson Goodfellow, her three other sons all and every her other properties, moveable and immoveable, household furniture, ready money, chattels and all other things belonging to her at the time of her decease of what nature and kind the same may be, to be enjoyed by them the said William, John and Thomas Goodfellow by share and share alike between them but the said Testatrix doth will and direct that the land upon which the said Testatrix hath her dwelling and living should not be sold but be put at a valuation made by the persons named by them if they can’t agree between them for such valuation, and as to the other lands the said Testatrix doth give power to her said three sons last named to sell the same and the price to be got from the said sales to be applied to purchase other land or real property. The said Testatrix naming and appointing the said William, John and Thomas Thompson Goodfellow her universal and residuary legatees.

Sixthly, the said Testatrix doth hereby nominate and appoint for the execution of her last will and testament Henry Rourke and William Whillians, hers son in laws of the said Parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, Farmers, and nulling and cancelling by these presents all former wills or testaments or codicil she may have done previous to the execution of his present last will and testament.

Thus done and dictated at the said City of Quebec by the said Testatrix to Alexandre-Benjamin Sirois and in the office of the said Alexandre-Benjamin Sirois under the number three thousand eight hundred and fifteen in the presence of François-Xavier Vaillancourt, his colleague Notary, and the said last will having been read over and over again to the said Testatrix has declared the same to be her true last will The said Testatrix hath signed her name to the will as the said Notaries in faith and testimony of the premises.

Janet Goodfellow, her signature;

J.-F. Vaillancourt, N.P., his signature;

A.B. Sirois, N.P., his signature


NOTE by Patricia Balkcom: Janet Thomson Goodfellow died 16 July 1864 and was buried in Valcartier 18 July 1864. All of her eight children are mentioned in the will, however, since this will was written 14 years before her death, there may be a later will.  At least, one child, Helen, died after this will was written.  Janet’s  husband, Robert, died two years after her.

Transcribed by Gerald Neville, January, 2012