I recently discovered that the Quebec Archives had posted a database entitled “Coroners’ inquests in the judicial districts of Beauce, 1862-1947, Charlevoix, 1862-1944, Montmagny, 1862-1952, Québec, 1765-1930 and Saint-François (Sherbrooke), 1900-1954″ .  I have extracted all the records for Valcartier – this includes if the victim lived in Valcartier or if a coroner’s investigation was conducted in Valcartier.  The information on the Archive website indicates that the full files of the investigations are now housed at the main BANQ building in Montreal.  I have included the file numbers for the individual cases in case anyone wants to try and pursue the full file.

All information that is listed below in parentheses is information I have added that I have found in other resources.   As always, corrections are always welcome.