Quebec City Archives

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August 15, 1836

Piece #77746-77747

Localization #3B 023 04-07-001A-01

Contenant #1960-01-357\116

Deposition of David Davidson (Davison) Versus William  Bethel and Thomas Daleny (sic)

Assault and Battery

For the Quarter Sessions

District of Quebec

Personally appeared this fifteenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six, before me the undersigned one of His Majesty’s Trustees assigned to keep the peace within the District of Quebec.

David Davidson, farmer Val Cartier, who being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God doth declare, depose and say as follows, to wit that on the fourteenth day of August now instant at the aforesaid Settlement of Val Cartier, he was violently assaulted, severely struck and beat and kicked by William Bethel and Thomas Daleny of foresaid Settlement without provocation or cause and against the Peace of our Lord the King. Further the depondent saith not and hath signed the above.

Signed David Davison (sic)

Sworn before me at Val Cartier on the day and year first above written and the said Deponent above named bound over before me to our Sovereign Lord the King in the sum of twenty pounds currency to prosecute and to appear and give evidence at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be holden at the City of Quebec on the twenty first day of October next.

Signed AG Wolff, J.P.