An early map drawn by surveyor, William Sax, in 1819, shows the names of some of the original settlers. 

Starting at the Neilson property, (where once there was a ferry across the Jacques Cartier river) and traveling north towards Riviere aux Pins you find the following families. Dates listed are the dates when the grant was documented, they may have been on the land earlier.

Lot #  Left Side of Road  (this would become the 3rd Concession NW of the Jacques Cartier River)   Right Side of Road  (this would become the 4th Concession NW of the Jacques Cartier River)
1reserved for mill sitereserved for mill site
2Joseph Purse (1821)Harris or Hinley?
3G.J. BrooksW. M. Bethel, Sr. (1821)
4Jeremiah Richaby (1822)James T. Rourke (9 May 1821)
5N. Miller (Jan. 1822)James Abraham (9 May 1821)
6M. O’Hara (16 Aug. 1822)Joseph Abraham (9 May 1821)
7John Coote (16 Aug. 1822)Nicholas Abraham (9 May 1821)
8W. McNamaraJohn Abraham (9 May 1821)
9 FitzpatrickThomas Abraham (9 May 1821)
10 FitzpatrickW. M. Bethel
11M. CassinJames Abraham (4 Aug 1821)
12D. CassinThomas Bethel
13Curtis BillingJohn Bethel
14Curtis BillingJohn Delaney
15J. AbrahamWilliam Delaney
16J. AbrahamJohn Delaney, Jr.
17 Ed Monaghan
18 J. Abraham
19 W. Bethel