Document Date: c1823
Transaction Type: Petition
Quebec Archives #E21 S64 SS5 SSS2 D1845
Transcriber: Patricia Balkcom
Surnames Mentioned: Sweeney

No date given (probably c1823)

 “To the Honorable the Commissioner for managing the Estate of the late order of Jesuits..

The Petition of Edward Sweeney of Valcartier yeoman.

Humbly… that your honors petitioner is desirous of obtaining out of the waste lots of land in the 5th Concession of the Valcartier Settlement vis:

This lot (?)is lying north of Wallers Point bounded at one end by River Jacques Cartier and at the other by the line (???) from this (?) to River Jacques Cartier at Wallers Point.

Your Honors Petitioner has a heavy family counting of ten children some of them approaching very near the age of maturity and therefore Petitioner thinks it his duty to apply for the lots prays for having only one lot at Present to divide among them all. If your Honor grants unto the Petitioner the lots above prayed for in his Covenant to (?) and he is able and willing to do the duties required by law and the customs of the country both on the land and on the new line of Road that is to commenceth from the now (?) the 6th and 5th Concession and from thence to the Kings highway on the 3rd and 4th Concession line.

Your Honorable Petitioner, Edward Sweeney.”