Document Date: March 15, 1861
Transaction Type: Debt Payment
Quebec Archives #3112 of Notary Phil. Huot
Transcriber: Patricia Balkcom
Surnames Mentioned: Martin, McLaughlin

            On this day, the fifteenth of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, Before us, the undersigned Notaries Public, duly admitted and sworn in and for that part of the Province of Canada, constituting heretofore the Province of Lower Canada and residing in the City of Quebec in the said Province, personally came and appeared Mr. John McLoughlin, of Valcartier, farmer, who did and doth hereby acknowledge and confess to be justly and truly indebted unto Mr. Francis Martin, farmer, residing at the same place hereunto present and hereof accepting for himself, his heirs and assigns, in the sum of thirty five pounds, current money of this Province for a like sum of money to him, the said John McLoughlin lent and advanced by the said Francis Martin in good current money delivered in the presence of us the said Notaries the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by the said John McLoughlin.

            Which said sum, the said John McLoughlin did and by these presents doth bind and oblige himself, his heirs, curators, administrators and assigns, to well and truly pay unto the said Francis Martin or order, in six months from this day together with the legal interest thereon, at the rate of six per centum per annum to be computed from this day until perfect payment of the said principal and (…unreadable phrase).

            Done and passed at the said City of Quebec in the office of Philippe Huot one of the said Notaries, under number three thousand one hundred and on the day and year above written, the said parties having signed these presents firs duly read according to law.

Signed:  John McLoughlin

              Francis Martin

              E. G. Cannon, N.P.

              Phil Huot, N.P.