Document Date: December 19, 1826
Transaction Type: Petition
Quebec Archives # E21 S66 SS5 SSS6 D1186
Transcriber: Audrey Henderson
Surnames Mentioned: Middleton, Wolff

To the Honourable the Commissioners for managing the Estates of the late order of the Jesuits.

The Petition of George Middleton of Valcartier, Yeoman,

Humbly Sheweth.

That your honour Petitioner is desirous of obtaining four lots of the ungranted land in the 5th concession of Valcartier that the 4 lots as in the field as No. 5, 6, 7 & 8, lying near Mr. Wolf’s land.

That if your honour grants unto him the late prayed for on the usual conditions he will perform the duties required by law and custom and as in duty bound shall ever pray

Valcartier 22 March 1826

George Middleton

NB      that the above lots prayed for is well known that the 4 fifths of them on swampy but petitioner    thinks with perseverance known he will be able to clear a piece here and there so as to have a tolerable farm from amongst them.

            We do hereby certify that the bearer George Middleton, residing at Valcartier is a proper subject of obtaining a grant of land from the commissioner for the management of the Jesuits estate.


19th Dec, 1826

A.G. Wolff

late Adjt. 60th Regt.

residing at Valcartier

Robert Thornston