Transcribed by Audrey Henderson, November 2014

Quebec City Archives

Themis Database of Court Records

October 13, 1835

Piece #91012

Localization 3B 023 04-07-001A-01

Contenant #1960-01-357\124

Dated 13 October 1835

Isabella Colman, wife of Patrick Ryder


James Ryder

Assault and Battery

For the Quarter Sessions

District of Quebec

To the Officers of Militia & of the Peace, of the Settlement of Valcartier

A complaint having been made upon oath before me, by one Isabella Colman, wife of Patrick Ryder, of Valcartier; that on the 2nd instant, one James Ryder, of the same place, came into her house, and violently assaulted her taking her by the neck and dragging her about the room, without provocation or cause, and against the Peace of our Lord the King. This done therefore in His Majesty’s name to authorize and command you the said constables and others the officers and ministers of our said Lord the King within the said district and every of you forthwith to apprehend the said James Ryder and to bring him before me to answer unto such complaint, and to be further dealt with according to law. Given under my hand and seal at Valcartier the 13th October 1835….(can’t read the rest)