Document Date: April 8, 1823
Transaction Type: Grant
Quebec Archives # E21 S66 SS5 SSS2 D0289
Transcriber: Peggy Haley
Surnames Mentioned: O’Neil (O’Neill)

8 April 1823

Commissioners Minutes

The sum agreed upon for the purchase of Twelve superficial acres of ground belonging to him in the seigniory of Batiscan, to be appropriated to the use of a Banal Mill on the application of Widow Barbeau lessee of the Banal Mill of Notre dame des Anges in the Parish of Beauport it was ordered:  That six months rent be remitted to her in compensation of the Expense incurred by her in repairing the said Mill.  (I believe this had nothing to do with the John O’Neill Grant – this was just part of the minutes of the meeting.)

Ordered that concession Be given to John ONeil of Lots No. 22 and 23 in the 5th Concession on the South Side of the River Jacques Cartier.