Document Date: September 21, 1819
Transaction Type: Petition
Quebec Archives #E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D1041
Transcriber: Gerry Neville
Surnames Mentioned: Abraham, Roark (Rourke), Bethel

List of Protestant Emigrants from Ireland who are desirous of taking up Concessions in the Seigniory of St. Gabriel

21st September 1819

Thomas Abraham, Farmer, aged 30 prays for Lot No. 10 in the 4th Concession.

John Abraham, Farmer, aged 24 prays for Lot No. 9 in the 4th Concession.

James Abraham, Farmer, aged 28 prays for Lot No. 8 in the same concession.

Nicholas Abraham, Farmer, and Father of the above, aged 55 and having five sons and six daughters, the youngest of his children being 12 years of age, prays for Lot No. 7 in the same concession.

Joseph Abraham, Farmer, Mason, Carpenter, Taylor, and Shoemaker aged 32 prays for Lot No. 6 in the same Concession.

James Roark, son in law to N. Abraham, Farmer, Mason, Wheelwright and Carpenter having a wife and four children prays for Lot No. 5 in the same concession.

William Bethel, Senior, Brother in law to N. Abraham, having three sons and two nieces grown up, and residing with him prays for Lot No. 4 in the same concession.

N.B. They are all used to farming and are excellent shoemakers as the shoes they have made for me will testify. William.

William Bethel Junior, 21 years of age, Farmer and Shoemaker, prays for Lot. No. 3 in the 4th Concession.

To the above persons, I beg leave to add a man named J. Henry who has for some time just been employed on Lands conceded to Mr. Stuart. He appears to be a very intelligent Scotch Farmer and at his request I have put his name down for Lots No. 1 and 2 in the aforesaid 4th Concession.

Quebec 21st September 1819

B. W. Ryland


The Commissioners for managing and improving the estates

heretofore belonging to the late order of Jesuits.