Document Date: November 2, 1920
Transaction Type: Land Donation
Quebec Archives # 8424 of Notary Cyrille Renaud
Transcriber: Patrick Keily
Surnames Mentioned: Corrigan

Notary Records of Cyrille Renaud #8424

2 Nov 1920


L. Corrigan


J. Corrigan

                On this second day of November one thousand nine hundred and twenty before me Cyrille Renaud, Public Notary, residing at Loretteville, undersigned, personally appeared Lawrence Corrigan of St. Gabriel of Valcartier, farmer who has hereby unto John Corrigan, farmer of the same place hereto presents and accepting thereof: All his rights whatsoever on the two lots of land situated in the parish of St Gabriel of Valcartier being lot numbers eight + nine of the fifth range on the north west side of River Jacques Cartier, each containing three acres in front by thirty acres in depth bounded in front by the said river in rear by government land or representative on one side by the lots number ten and on the other side by John Cethins (?) + dependencies.  These lots (illegible) are known + distinguished as lots number 371 + 372 three hundred and seventy one and three hundred and seventy two of the cadastre of St. Gabriel of Valcartier.

                With all and every the rights, members and appurtenances thereto belonging, without any exception or reserve on the part of the said L. Corrigan and of which the said purchaser declares to have a perfect knowledge and therewith to be content.

                The said L. Corrigan is lawfully seized of the said property, the same having being acquired from his father the late Lawrence Corrigan by his last will before John Childs, N.P. the 10 Feb 1869 registered No. 38304

                This sale is made subject (1st) to the payments of such rents and dues as may be payable for the properties above described,

                (2nd) To the payments of all others public contributions.

                Done and passed at Loretteville under notarial number eight thousand four hundred and twenty four.

                After the reading the parties have signed with our Notary.


                                                                                Lawrence Corrigan

                                                                                John Corrigan

                                                                                C. Renaud  N.P.