Document Date: May 18, 1921
Transaction Type: Land Sale
Quebec Archives # 8603 of Notary Cyrille Renaud
Transcriber: Patrick Keily
Surnames Mentioned: Corrigan, Kack

From the Notary Records of Cyrille Renaud, #8603 

18 May 1921


Lawr. Corrigan


John Kack

                On this eighteenth day of May One thousand nine hundred and twenty one, before me, Cyrille Renaud, Public Notary, residing at Loretteville, undersigned, personally appeared Lawrence Corrigan, farmer, residing in the parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier who has hereby sold and conveyed with legal warranty, and free and clear of all incumbrances <sic>, save as hereinafter mentioned unto John Kack, of the said said <sic> parish of Valcartier, farmer-hereto presents and accepting thereof:


                Half lots of land situated in the parish of St Gabriel of Valcartier containing one acre and half wide, bordered toward the West by the river Jacques Cartier, towards the east by the Stoneham + Tewkesbury grand line, towards the north by Simon Kiley + towards the north by Fred Kack, with the barn thereon erected-

This land is the lot number 857 eight thousand + fifty seven- of the cadastre of the said parish of St. Gabriel of Valcartier.

                With all and every the rights, members and appurtenances thereto belonging, without any exception or reserve on the part of the vendor and of which the said purchaser declares to have a perfect knowledge and therewith to be content.

                The vendor is lawfully seized of the said property, the same having being acquired from his mother, brothers + sisters by deed of sale before Philippe Huot Notary the 7th Nov 1902 and the 25 June 1906.

                This sale is made subject (1st) to the payments of such rents and dues as may be payable for the properties above described, free of all arrears from this day.

                (2nd To the payments of all others public contributions free of all arrears.

                This sale is further made for the price and sum of five hundred and fifty dollars which the vendor doth recognize and acknowledge to have received from the purchaser this day the sum of four hundred dollars cash and whereof discharge for this amounts.  The balance of one hundred + fifty dollars will be payable by installments of seventy five dollars a year during two years without interest if the payments are made each year, but with interest at six per centum for arrears after date.  The land above described remaining mortgaged by privilege of (illegible) de fouls  in favor of the vendor or his legal heirs.

                Done and passed at Valcartier under notarial number eight thousand six hundred +three

                After the reading the parties have signed with me Notary, John Kack having declared his inability, John Hicks of Valcartier has signed as witness

(signatures)                                                        Lawrence Corrigan

                                                                                John Kack

                                                                                John Hicks

C.      Renaud  N.P.

Transcribed by Patrick Keily, 2012

Note by Patricia Balkcom:  This Lawrence, I believe to be the son of Michael Corrigan because he wrote his will on the same day as the sale of this land.  Also, I believe that John Kack is the son of Joseph Kack and Catherine Cullen as they lived in this area.