Document Date: June 1, 1836
Transaction Type: Petition
Quebec Archives # E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D149
Transcriber: Patricia Balkcom
Surnames Mentioned: Robertson, Billing,  Leithead, McEvoy,   Fitzpatrick, Mahon, Miller, Abraham, Rourk, Davidson, Calback ,  Monaghan, Fitzsimmons, Stewart, Madden,  Cosgrove, Laing, McMullin, Connor, McLane, Campbell , Crawford, McCormick, Smith, McLane, Grady, Cassin, McKinley,  Armstrong, Neil,  Davis,  Guilmon, Clark,  McDonnaugh, Renuill (?),  Shanks, McGlinn, Murphy, Corrigan, Kerr.

Quebec Archives #E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D149     

Petition of the inhabitants of the parish of St. Gabriel de Valcartier to John Stewart, requesting to build a bridge over the Jacques Cartier River to transport their crops to market, access medical care during the spring and fall and unclog the ferry; the petitioners offer to donate money for each lot they own in order to erect the bridge. – 1st June 1836 – July 31, 1836

The petitioners are: F. H. Robertson, Curtis Billing, Thomas Billing, John Billing, Adam Leithead, McEvoy,  Charles Fitzpatrick senior, Charles Fitzpatrick junior, W. Mahon, Charles Harris, Henry Miller, John Abraham, James Rourk, Robert Davidson, John Calback , Owen Monaghan, James Fitzsimmons, Samuel Stewart, Anthony Madden, John Cosgrove, John Laing, David Davidson, Thomas McMullin, Hugh Connor, McLane, Archibald Campbell , William Crawford, Henry Crawford, George McCormick, Philip Smith, John McLane, Owen Grady, Dennis Cassin, Andrew McKinley, F. Armstrong, David Neil, Thomas Davis, William Guilmon, Samuel Clark, James McDonnaugh, Joseph Renuill (?), John Clark, William Clark, Samuel Shanks, Edward McGlinn, Samuel Neil, Thomas McMullon, Henry McLane, William Murphy, William Corrigan, Andrew Kerr.