Document Date: 1815-16
Transaction Type: Grant
Quebec Archives #E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D1470
Transcriber: Peggy Haley
Surnames Mentioned: Foy, Harvey, Carney, McQuillan, Welch, O’Hara, Newman, Guinan, Green, Pozer, Neilson, Sweeney, Wolff, Burrell, Barrington, Wilson, Emery, Noreau, Ward, O’Neill, Thiverge, Waller, McDonald, Black, McNamara, Gugy, McQuay, Stewart

This is the note from the Quebec Archives:  Lots granted and to grant the manor in St. Gabriel in the first, second and third concessions south of the Jacques Cartier River, and in the fifth. – Circa 1815  

Comment from Pat Balkcom:  It seems to me that 1815 or 1816 would have been very early for this document to have been written.  The date 1816 is penciled in on the side of the document, it is not part of the original document.  I believe that some of the people listed here did not arrive in Quebec until 1818.  I guess it’s possible that Previous arrangements for land could have been made before they left their native lands.  Hopefully more documents will be found to help date this better.

c1816 Lands conceded in the Seigneory of St. Gabriel –

1st Range of Concessions

Lewis Foy 4 Lots. Title issued these lots

Having been priorously not included in W. Sax’s survey.

John Harvey Lots 1, 2, 3, & 4 ___ do.

Edward Carney Lot No. 5 _______ do.

William W, Quillan Lot No. 6 _______ do.

Welch Lot No. 7 Concession not issued

Barnard O’Hara Lot No. 8 Title issued

Pat. O’Hara Lot No. 9 not issued

William O’Hara Lot No. 10 __ issued

Richard A Newman Lot No. 11 __ do.

Peter Guinan Lot No. 12 __ do.. __ do.

2nd Range of Concessions South Side

the River Jacques Cartier

4 Lots to William Green Jr. sold to W. Neilson

6 Lots conceeded to – Green Esq Senr.

1 Lot unconceeded

3rd & 4th Range of Concessions South Side J. C.

4 Lots conceeded to Com J Armstrong and sold to Mr. Thompson

4 Lots to ___ W. Pozer

2 Lots do. __ do. ___ do.

4 Lots to __ Neilson and Stewart

5th Range___

Concessions to A Woolf ____ 4 Lots

do. __________ Burrell _____ __ __

do. __ Capt. Barrington ____ 4 Lots

No. 1











12 Concession issued to John Lavery

13 Concession issued to R Coughtull (?)

14 ____ J Wilson Concession issued

15 ____ J. Emery Concession issued


17 __ John Baptiste Noreau

18 __ __ Concession issued

19 ____ Edward Sweeny

20 ____ Richard Ward Concession issued


22 ____ John O’Neill

23 _ Reserved for his Brother

5th Range continued

Joseph & Charles Thiverge allowed to

enter upon and improve Lots 1 & 2

Concession to Waller Jr.

The remaining Lot made over

To the Emigrants Society

Concession to W. Waller Senr.

Truelove 2 Lots No. 2

George Wilson __1 Lot 3

Peter McDonald 1 do. 4

Henry Black ____ 1 do. 5

Michael McNamara No. 6

Thomas Gugy No._ 7

James Leland McQuay _ 8