Submitted by D. Clark McIntosh, 2019

Polling District No. 24
St Gabriel de Valcartier East

Voter’s NameLotsNames Taken From the 1891 Census
Adams, James125,887James Adams & Mary M. Wilson
Adams, John335John, son of James
Aikins, Alexander140,141Alexander, son of Isaac
Bedard, Edward?290?Colinard Bedard & Mary E. ?
Billing, Curtis13Curtis Billing (m Isabella Hamilton in 1896?)
Billing, John286,287,288John Billing & Agnes Neilson
Billing, John
John Billing
Billing, Curtis
Curtis Billing & Jennet Lavallee
Billing, William282?William Billing & Sarah Brown
Billing, William
William Billing & Janet McBain
Billing, Thomas
Thomas Billing & Caroline Wolff
Boyd, William349William, son of John
Boyd, John?,349,355,?John Boyd & Agnes Montgomery
Brown, Curtis?,362Curtis Brown & Deborah Montgomery
Brown, Andrew363,886Andrew Brown & Rachel Neilly
Brown, James363,886James Brown & Mary Knox
Cassin, Patrick290,292Patrick Cassin & Rose Ann Holton
Cassin, Edward858Edward Cassin & Mary Jane Brennan
Cartwright, William875William Cartwright & Mary Ann Hornby
Corrigan, Lawrence859Lawrence, son of Michael
Corrigan, Michael857,862Michael Corrigan & Mary Jane Shea
Douglas, Richard865Richard Douglas
Dwire, Luke19Luke Dwire & Mary McGrath
Fairchild, George M.131?George Fairchild & Kezia Fuller
Goodfellow, Robert275Robert Goodfellow & Margaret McCartney
Gough, Patrick7, 16?
Hamilton, James138James Hamilton & Sarah Rourke
Hamilton, David138David Hamilton & Matilda Atkins
Harriett, Joseph342Joseph Harriett & Ann Jane Thompson
Hicks, Joseph97,101Joseph Hicks & Alice Hill
Hicks, Henry102,293Henry Hicks & Mary Ann Richardson
Hicks, Alfred296Alfred Hicks & Mary Smith
Hicks, William?,293William Hicks
Hill, Michael100?Michael Hill, son of Robert Hill deceased
Hornby, John269?John Hornby & Elizabeth McCartney
Hornby, William358,359,?William Hornby
Ireland, Hopper1,2Hopper Ireland & Elizabeth Clark
Jack, Charles SR281Charles Jack & Marion McBain
Jack, William98
Jack, Charles JR327
Johnston, James78,79James Johnston and Mary
Kack, Joseph871Joseph Kack widower
Kennedy, Patrick3
Kiley, Simon854Simon Kiely & Catherine Cassin
Kiely, Edmond854Edmond, son of Simon
King, Maurice18Maurice, son of Patrick and Judy Conway
Knox, Walter72,73Walter Knox
King, Thomas17Thomas King & Margaret McLaughlin
King, Patrick20Patrick King & Judith Conway
Loughren, Henry354,356Henry Loughren & Margaret Corrigan
Lavallee, Thomas361,?Thomas Lavallee & Adelaide Bedard
Lavallee, John360?, 345John Lavallee & Jane McCartney
Lavallee, David881,882David or Daniel Lavallee, son of John
Lavallee, Thomas JR96Thomas Lavallee & Victoria Moses
Leddy, John114,330John Leddy & Elizabeth Billing
Lavallee, Alexander
Alexander Lavallee
Laughren, Lawrence343Lawrence, son of Patrick
Laughren, Patrick872Son of James Loughren & Winnifred McLaughlin
Lefebve, Henri120
Martin, Joseph84?Joseph Martin
McBain, Lewis332,337Lewis McBain, son of William and Jennet Ann Brown
McBain, William JR265?William McBain & Ann Brwon
McBain, John283John McBain & Susannah Brown
McBain, Curtis115,?,231Curtis McBain & Margaret C Ward
McNicoll, Alexander346,867,860Alexander McNicoll & Elizabeth Armstrong
McNicoll, George878,879George, son of Alexander
McNicoll, Abel869Abel McNicoll & Margaret Cartwright
McClory, Phillip883Phillip McClory
McClory, Ferdinand268,340Ferdinand McClory & Charlotte Wolff
McCartney, James343,344James McCartney & Margaret Dacres
McCartney, David336,333,341David McCartney & Jennet Aikins
McCartney, John336,333,341John McCartney & Eliza Jane Boyd
McMullin, Robert99,?,?Robert McMullin Widower
McGlone, James295James McGlone Widower
Montgomery, William874,352William Montgomery & Sarah Loughren
McGratty, REVEREND374Reverend McGratty
McCubry, John92John McCoubrey, son of Henry
Maher, James10James Maher
McLaughlin, Hugh18not listed in 1891 census
Manning, Thomas86
McBain, Thomas Arthur110Thomas McBain & Margaret E Billing
McBain, William Henry282William McBain
McCartney, William336William, son of David McCartney
McNicoll, George346George, son of Alexander
McNicoll, David346David, son of Alexander
McBain, Graham286Grame, son of William McBain & Ann Brown
Neilson, William112,132,265William Neilson & Elziabeth McAdams
Ninteau, Jeremie?12,13Jeremiah Ninteau
Neil, John?, 357John Neil & Jane Corrigan
Neil, David351David, son of John
O’Neill, Thomas890
Patton, Francis5,6Francis Patton widower
Penney, Thomas9Thomas Penney & Jane Balcom
Penney, Robert9Robert Penney & Caroline Patton
Quinn, James?118?James Quinn, son of Henry & Rosannah Leonard
Reverend Riopel
Robertson, Thomas873Thomas Robertson & Elzia Hammel
Rourke, Samuel?108Samuel Rourke & Margaret Todd
Robertson, James873James Robertson & Ellen
Shea, Hugh87?Hugh Shea & Elizabeth Loughren
Smith, Richard105Richard Smith & Alice Hicks
Smith, William SR106William Smith & Hannah Ireland
Smith, William JR106,107William Smith & Bertha Parker
Shea?, Edward John851
Thompson, John87?John Thompson
Thompson, John W15, 99?John W. Thompson & Eliza Jane
Thompson, George14George Thompson & Mary Ann Billing
Wolff, Charles SR239,181Charles living with Carl Wolff 
Wolff, Carl10?, 137Carl Wolff & Sarah Clark
Wolff, Arthur104Arthur Wolff widower
Wolff, Charles JR261, ?Charles Wolff & Margaret Smith

NOTE: There is a copy of this voters list included in the National Archives under the Neilson Collection, MG23, B1, Vol 191, page 5362.  The above table is a reproduction from a blurry image I was working with so it may not be accurate.