Document Date: November 13, 1822
Transaction Type: Petition
Quebec Archives # E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D1140
Transcriber: Patricia Balkcom
Surnames Mentioned: Sweeney, O’Neil (O’Neill)

To the worshipful the Commissioners for managing the Estates of the late Order of Jesuits in Canada

The Petition of James Sweeney and John O’Neil of Valcartier Humbly (?) that your petitioners are settled on lots of ground adjoining to four vacant lots in the first Concession of the Seigniory of St. Gabriel, which they have found to be for the most part an (?) swamp which is but in a few parts arable.

That your petitioners, in consequence of the lots not being distinctly laid out have made some improvements on the said lots in the firm belief that they were improving their own property.

Therefore your petitioners humbly pray that your worships will be pleased to take the whole case into their consideration and grant to them the before mentioned 4 Lots in the First Concession of St. Gabriel south side of the River which they have in part cleared and improved as aforesaid ….

Quebec, 13th Nov. 1822

James Sweeney (his mark)

John O’Neil (signed as such)