Transcribed by Patricia Balkcom, December, 2012

Quebec City Archives

Themis Database of Court Records

December 1, 1824

Piece #181388-181390

Localization #3C 020 02-01-002A-01

Contenant #1960-01-357\173

Deposition of William Bethel and Edward Sweeney and others for the Peace:

District of Quebec

The deposition of William Bethel of the place called ValCartier, cordwainer, taken at the city of Quebec the first day of December 1824 before me John Thompson, Esquire, of His Majesty’s Justice of the Peace for the District of Quebec.

Thus said William Bethel being duly sworn maketh oath –

That on the 29th day of November last this deponent being in company with one John Emery the elder, and John Emery the younger, on the road in the Settlement of Valcartier, one Edward Swiney (sic) one, and John Swiney (sic) two also settlers of that place, did violently threaten to hurt the deponent, and called upon him to fight them – using at the same time much violent and opprobrious language against the Peace.  And the deponent further states that at several times before the 29th day of November above mentioned, the said John Swiney and the said Edward Swiney have behaved to the the deponent with similar violence having called upon him to fight and threatened to beat him.  And the deponent further saieth that on Sunday the 21st of November last one Daniel Swiney, brother of the said Edward and John, meeting the deponent on the road in or near (?) did in like manner violently threaten to do some bodily hurt to the deponent and that …?  the deponent is in fer that the said Edward Swiney and the said John Swiney and the said Daniel Swiney will do unto him this deponent some bodily hurt against the Peace.

Sworn this first day of December 1824

Wm. Bethel

before me John G. Thompson, J.P.

Record of Decision:

BE IT REMEMBERED that on the fourteenth day of December in the fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George The Fourth, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, came before me Robert J. Entimawille Esquire, one of the Justices of our said Sovereign Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace within the Said District.  Edward Sweeney of Valcartier, yeoman, and William McCloughty of the same place, yeoman, and Owen McKenna of Quebec, shopkeeper and acknowledged themselves to owe to our said Sovereign Lord the King, to wit: the said Edward Sweeney the sum of twenty Pounds sterling and the said William McCloughty and Owen McKenna the sum of ten pounds sterling each, to be respectively made and levied of their several goods and chattels, lands and tenements to the use of our said Sovereign Lord the King, his Heirs and Successors, if the said Edward Sweeney shall fail in performing the condition underwritten.

THE CONDITION of this Recognizance is such, that if the above bounden Edward Sweeney shall keep the Peace and be of good behaviour towards Our Lord the King and all his liege people, and especially towards William Bethel of Valcartier, yeoman, for the space of six calendar months next ensuing; then the said Recognizance shall be void, but otherwise shall remain in full force and virture.

Acknowledged before me Robert j. Entimawille, J.P.

Signed: Edward Sweeney

William McCloskey (sic)

The above Decision and Condition was also written for John Sweeney (twenty pounds) and William McCloughty and Owen McKenna (each ten pounds).

John Sweeney signed with his mark.