Lac Beauport Protestant Cemetery

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1997.

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Statton, Ben18781920 Mar 13Jewell, Maud
McKee, Thomas1875 Nov 231958 Feb 05Jewell, EvaThomas Arthur 1912-1976
Rourke, William J.19081955Stirmey, Florence19131962
Wolff, AlbertWendy Christine died in 1964 at 4.5 months of age
ZuorroGrant, Agnes Ethel18911959Melita McNicoll 1929-1996
Wolff, Charles1934 Dec 061992 Apr 24Pierson, Inez1929 Feb 231980 Apr 02
Wolff, Mary Adelaide1932 Jul 041997 Mar 20
Meade, ?Wolff, Gertrude Adelaide19101977
Wolff, Frank Stanley19041966
Taillon, A. Henry19021967McDonald, Elsie19051970
Tuckett, Helen M.18671876 Aug 15
Dolbert, JamesBelmege?, Mary18201886 Apr 02
Taylor, John W.Taylor, Marjorie L.Infant daughter died 1933
Taylor, Elizabeth SusannahSister of John TaylorTaylor, Elizabeth Susannah18511935
Taylor, John18451926Brown, Charlotte18531902Edwin Allan 1888-1964
Taylor, Kenneth1921 Oct 14Dacres, Doris1925 Feb 021981 Aug 10
Wolff, Ernest Harold1898 Oct 281977 May 16Jewell, Mary Maud19001942
Johnston, Hewton18981918 Dec 07He died at Fort William, OntarioJewell, Hazel
Jewell, George Alexander18621923Heazle, Mary18681934
Jewell, George RichardBegin, Marie Madeleine19141949Ireland, Evelyn Ada19051965
Loosli,Loosli, Eve18951993Louise Gayl 1934- ??
Fabyan, Albert1928 Nov 281998 Apr 07Pierson, Irene1935 Apr 28
Pierson, William J.1899 Sep 121952 May 12Riddle, Fern1907 Feb 221955 Sep 16
Sepall, Carl Emil1893 Nov 291980 Jun 30Ingrid, Jenny1899 Aug 161989 Nov 25
Earle, Irving V.18811954Noble, Mary18851957
Charters, John H.18641835 Nov 16He was 71 at death
Fuller, Ralph19011952Mooney, Ellen Jane18931945
Smith, George1832 Nov 111915 Feb 29His death date hard to readLearmonth, Janet Matheson1826 Nov 071908 Jul 29Christina Winifred b.Apr 15, 1865 d. Dec 24, 1874
Fachnin?, James17851867 Feb 3Stone very hard to readCharney?, Isabella17981882 Apr 18
Bignell, Frederick John18771952Young, Mary C.18791963Clifford L. 1913-1956
Cottrell, John18811947Buried with four babiesBrown, Alice18901924 Feb 19
Mathews, Arthur H.18921986Mother buried here. b. 1858 d. 1940Ward, Ruth18951966Rev. Ruth H. Matthew b. 1916
Smith, John1808Liecestershire, England1888 Apr 10Smith, Catherine