Mount Hermon Cemetery, Quebec City

History of Mount Hermon Cemetery (1848-1950)

By Rénald Lessard,  archivist.
Archives nationales du Québec in the city of Québec.
Adaptation and translation with permission from the author by Jacques Gagné

In January of 1848, seventeen leading Protestant citizens of the city of Québec and of surrounding districts, would gather with the purpose of  forming an association, the latter with a two-fold goal in the management of Protestant cemeteries of the region. The first, named The Quebec Protestant Cemetery Association was launched as a management tool for all Protestant cemeteries of the city of Québec plus those of the immediate region in addition to those located in the eastern portion of the province. The second part of this mandate dealt with the creation of a new and larger Protestant cemetery within the confine of the city of Québec. The name of Mount Hermon Cemetery was selected, and it was determined that it would have to be located within the Parish of Saint Columban of Sillery (Saint-Colomban de Sillery), the latter being in the present Parish of Saint Michael (Saint-Michel). The estate in question was located at the corner of Côte de l’Église and Chemin Saint-Louis. On June 15th 1848, Christopher Ferguson, age 42, staff member on the sailing ship Transit, died from erysipelas and would become the first person to be buried at Mount Hermon.


In the Spring of 1849, the government of Lower Canada would officially incorporate the said cemetery as a resting place uniquely for people who professed to be Protestants. Between June of 1848 and December of 1883, of the 6,164 registrations recorded, 2,991 individuals were members of the Anglican Church, 1,117 were members of the Presbyterian Church and 583 were members of the Methodist Church.


In 1860, the Protestant cemetery located next to Saint Matthew’s Church, in the district of St-Jean (faubourg Saint-Jean), the latter located on rue Saint-Jean would close. The cemetery in question was burdened with an over population due to the lack of acreage and being located in a dense residential district of the city. The leadership of the Methodist Church and of the Presbyterian Church decided to close their cemetery and from the early 1860’s onwards, Protestants of all denominations were only buried at Mount Hermon Cemetery.


The obligatory registration process for Protestant burials of the region was mandated by law in 1849. The said act was drawn up in most parts by members of the management team of Mount Hermon. The said act; The Register of Interments in Mount Hermon Cemetery began in 1848 and would cease in 1950. The existence and the excellence of quality of this registry can only be attributed to the initiative of numerous volunteers from the region. From 1848 to 1938, the Mount Hermon Registry does include the causes of deaths of 12,200 individuals buried within the confine of this cemetery. The latter registry contains the following: numbering system assigned to each burial, family name and first name, date of burial, location of lot, date of death, age of the person buried, location of death (city, town or village), location of birth, Protestant denomination, name of Minister or Pastor, occupation of deceased, illness (sickness) or causes of death and finally, comments.


This precious register offers a glimpse into the medical and social status of the citizens of the city of Québec and of its surrounding regions during a period of time of nearly 100 years. With the exception of Coroner’s Reports and a limited number of Government Census, very few sourves of the 19th century offers a glimpse or an exactitude as to the causes of death or the circumstances surrounding a particuliar death. Although, the content of the said Register at Mount Hermon is exceptional in details, it is not unique in this country, the Cemetery of Toronto, referred to at the time as the Necropolis, opened in 1850, and the latter burial place kept similar registers. Some of the causes of death of the period for both cemeteries were referred to as; bilious fever, liver pains, consumption, smallpox, dysentery, scarlet fever, anazark, whooping cough, denture related illness, exhausted conditions. In regard to cases of drowning or murders, these are also listed as the causes of death within the pages of this register. Other cases dealing with tragic deaths are also indicated in the Registers of Mount Hermon Cemetery. As a point in case, 253 individuals would perish as a result of a fire on a sailing vessel by the name of Montreal, the latter which sank on the St. Lawrence River at the mouth of the Cap Rouge River on June 26th, 1857, 180 individuals from a total of 253, deemed to be Protestants were buried at Mount Hermon Cemetery.


For those interested in genealogy, the content of the Mount Hermon Register is invaluable in its totality, it does offer the causes of death, which are not available to the public at large through the Civil Registers. In addition, the mention of age of most of the deceased persons within that time frame, the type of work a person did, the country of origin of the deceased are indicated in many if not most cases. An additional but extremely important factor deals with people who are not listed in the official Civil Registers; local Protestants or from the surrounding regions who somehow were left-out of the Civil Registers but are listed in the Registers of Mount Hermon. Also listed are the Protestants in transit through the region of the city of Québec, the latter group of people might have originated from Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Germany, the USA or from various British Colonies. The names of those who died in the city of Quebec from 1848 to 1950 without ever having a permanent address within the city or surrounding regions are most likely not found on any other registers or indexes.


The preceeding text was researched by Rénald Lessard and it is hoped that other precious documents dealing with the Anglo Protestants of the city of Québec will be forthcoming.


Additional comments by Jacques Gagné:

Fortunately, Quebec Family History Society within the confine of their library in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue does own the microfilm of Mount Hermon Cemetery covering the period of 1848 to 1950  – Microfilm # NAQ M 211-1, published by the Archives nationales du Québec – The content of this easily readable film was compiled and regrouped into two portion:

Part One of the microfilm deals with an alphabetical compilation, which includes the name of the person, cemetery section, lot #, grave # (the latter numbering system is being used as a guideline for the Part Two compilation), date of burial (year, month, date) and remarks (such as “nee Mary Gray” or “nee Rita Houghton”)

Part Two of the microfilm deals with grave # (referred to in this portion of the microfilm as Number – see part one for details under grave #), date of interment (year, month, day), where buried (in section #, in lot #, public ground grave #), date of death (month, day), age, place of death, place of birth, religious denomination, officiating Clergyman, occupation, disease or cause of death, remarks (such as died on board ship or removed from St. Matthew’s Ground). 

This microfilm is most likely the most important microfilm kept at the QFHS Library, not only will it give you the information needed in order to determine the various causes of death of your ancestors but also it might shed light on your elusive ancestor who never established a permanent residence in the city of Québec but somehow died in that city and was buried at Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Transcriptions of part of the Cemetery relevant to residents in the Valcartier area provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1998.

Click on the green plus (+) sign to see if there is any further information on each person.  You can view with Excel or Print, etc. by clicking on the boxes.

Hewitson, John18861943Elliot, Maggie18841946
Brown, Edward Henry18831944
Neil, John Dacre1891 Apr 021966 Aug 21Billing, Rhoda Emily1892 Apr 041969 Jan 24
Brown, James Sr.18591934Dudley, Mary18531928Sarah M. Warner 1895 - 1963Charles Thomas Brown 1888 - 1967W. H. Warner 1888 - 1969
Brown, James Dudley18971932Brown, Alice Madeline18961981DorothyMervyn
Elliot, Adam John1852 Jan 261927 Mar 11Montgomery, Ann J.18611891 Mar 03Henry, Sarah Jane1859 Jul 231931 Mar 11Edith Dorothy b.Mar 18, 1894 in QC d.Mar 28, 1964
Penney, William18591931Chambers, Alice18611919Cpl. John U. Penney 1887-1918he was buried at Etaples, France
Penney, John Usmar18251902Henderson, Rebecca18351912Rebecca H. Penney 1864-1963William T. Penney 1891-1954
Gilpin, Lorne1925 Oct 28
Ruthman, Arthur18671927Ida is buried with three sistersBrown, Ida18701961Sarah L. Brown 1874-1934Laura Brown 1865-1941Hannah I. Brown 1863-1944
Gilpin, Robert E.1890 Apr 101945 Jan 27Metcalfe, Ethel1891 Mar 031968 Apr 13
Flynn, PatrickLavallee, Nellie18801943
Gardiner, J.1900 Oct 7J. died in Montreal. Hazel was only 27 yrsBrown, Hazel18971924 Jul 15
Brown, Charles F.18261916 Apr 21Smith, Hannah M.1891 May 07Charles E. - drowned at sea Feb 14, 1879William J. died at 4 yrs oldEdmund died at 3 yrs oldMaudie and Joseph died at 10 months old
Kerr, John W.18831936Roche, Dorothy19001996
McCartney, James Norman19011966Smith, Ethel Louise1909
McCartney, William18621936Jack, Hannah18751950
Beardsell, William D.18561927These names on back of John Jack & C. Brown stoneJack, Pearl C.18861916Annie Jack Beardsell 1887-1958Effie B. Jack 1895-1970R. Wallace Jack 1901-1971
Jack, John18521934Brown, Charlotte18601932Mildred I. Jack 1892-1956Oakley J. Jack 1884-1960Arthur J. Jack 1883-1961Doris M. Jack 1898-1966
Jack, Douglas19051972
Jack, John D.19461966son of Douglas Jack
Gore, George B.18941960Paquin, Fernande
Jack, Earl George1894 Dec 231962 Feb 18Died in Milton, Ontario
Jack, Reginald1904 Feb 011976 Mar 03
Jack, George1846 Mar 011916 Aug 22Brown, Martha1846 May 241912 Apr 11White, Mary Alice18721945
Billing, Walter Brown18741943Jack, Freda A. M.18931966Winnefred Freda Billing d. 1934 (1 day old)
Moses, JohnDaughter of Joseph and MaryDavis, Rebecca Ann18331913 May 01
Davis, Joseph18091883 Dec 03Colcolough, Mary A.18141897 Oct 28
Woods, Alexander1875 Aug 261964 Jun 18Dunlop, Julia Constance1878 Feb 051964 Sep 5
Brown, William Kerr MD18721915 Jul 14Lacinda, Martha18701962Jane Eileen 1914-1920
Brown, William1895 Dec 08Parke, Jane Perrie1901 Mar 29
Matheson, DavidWhite, Marianne18461888 Nov 22
Brown, David19081996Mulholland, Hazel Helena1904
ZieglerDaughter of Sidney and Mary. Died in FloridaMcCune, Myra Inez19331980
McCune, Ida Lillian19031985Daughter of James and Mary Mckee McCune
RogersShe died in Toronto, OntarioMcCune, Eunice19011955
McCune, Sydney19051985Atkins, Mary Ellen19061992
Armstrong, James Gordon18881973Cathcart, Ethel Lasalla?18931987
Hicks, John19151970Ross, Ida Jane19081965
Harriet, Melvin J. "Mel"Lavoie, Irene1916 Jul 141974 Mar 22
Harriet, GordonPinkney, Evelyn1893 Oct 061975 Jan 17
Harriet, Allan Gordon1914 Oct 061972 Sep 10Martel, Jeanne
West, Kenneth MacKay1891 Jan 131973 Jan 25Craig, Mildred Annie Laura1893 May 171981 Aug 26
Clark, William James1914 Nov 171960 Jan 23
Hicks, William Alfred19041992McKinley, Freeda Hannah19041995
Lavallee, Thomas1853 Dec 281940 Dec 25Moses, R.J. Victoria1856 Oct 301954 Nov 03Victoria Myrtle b.Aug 16, 1897 d. Jul 17, 1983Janet Gladys b.Sep 11, 1899 d. Jan 24, 1994
Dodbridge, John1860 Feb 071937 May 05Brown, Emily Jane1858 Oct 131935 Aug 13Evelyn Annie b.Jan 8, 1888 d.Nov 22, 1975
Patton, AugustusCoxworthy, Eliza
Patton, John H.Shaw, Eliza
O'Neill, John F.She was born in QC, and died in Bedford, PQPrice, Mary Eleanor1829 Aug 271912 Jan 01
Morrow, Robert G.1883 Feb 03?
Gilpin, Norman Laird18971956 Feb 13Could have died in 1958. He was 59 years oldMcLaughlin, Annie Maria18961984 May 10
Gilpin, Mervin James19231956Demers, Claire
Aikens, Alexander1875 Mar 171926 Feb 10Ward, Mabel1887 Sep 011975 Sep 30
Livingston, Dorcas18841957Squarey, F.C.18741961
Turpin, Richard William1918 Sep 261978 Mar 13Lapointe, Marguerite Opal1915 Jul 141992 Feb 17
Pyle, Clifford19001975Kingsborough, Victoria19091999
Collins, MichaelNot sure of dates. C/b 1852, and died in 1934Atkins, Elizabeth18581936
Little, AllanShe was only 30 when diedStroud, Lillian18821912 Jul 13
Stroud, JohnHe was 87 and she was 72 when diedAtkins, Mary Ann1850 ?1922 Oct 21
Mulholland, Richard1831 Oct 061897 Jun 04Sadlier, Eliza Ann1842 Apr 71884 Jan 21
Mulholland, Percy Richard1901 May 301992 Feb 06Hicks, Mary Rosamond1906 Aug 20
Corrigan, Albert Charles1915 Dec 211996 Feb 27Mulholland, Ruth Rosamond1925 Jun 25
Alstream, William J.1924 Sep 02Atkins, Alice1951 Nov 12Caroline died Aug 25, 1944Dorothy 1903-1956Edward 1890-1970William 1897-1972
O'Neill, Harry Linford18961927She possibly re-married to George O'NeillSalome, Mary1896 Jan 221957 Jul 28
Hill, Shuldham S.C.18371916Fleet paymaster, Royal NavyRees, Mary Anne18471919
Livingstone, Samuel18601919Gray, Ellen18611940Walter 1891-1938Amy 1888-1961
Brown, John1854 Aug 061943 Oct 27His death date c/b 1948Moffatt, Matilda1854 Mar 201931 Jan 26Constance M. b.Feb 13, 1882 d. Dec 21, 1965F. Eileen b. Aug 4, 1894 d.Feb 24, 1969
Sissons, Robert18481916Hill, Kathleen S.18711944Elodie Rees 1892-1912John Kenedy 1900-1900
Crawford, William Henry1847 Dec 181918 May 25Boulton, Charlotte Augusta1838 Jan 171912 Mar 28St. John's, Newfoundland
Dacres, Thomas18631951Brown, Anne18591918Herbert Thomas 1897-1929
Rourke, James18521933Brown, Rachel18541932
Rourke, Edward Cecil1876 Nov 251952 Apr 26Neil, Effie Albertrice1889 Jul 121943 Oct 04
Neil, Percy W.Gwynne, Margaret F.1929 Apr 18
Jack, Thomas Henry1874 Apr 281961 May 27Billing, Annie Charlotte1877 Mar 151951 Feb 06Leslie Thomas d. Dec 22, 1914 (6mos)
Turpin, Albert William18901938 Oct 21Boardman, Annie18891962 Aug 26
McWilliams, David Ross18851955O'Neill, North18891958
Smith, Constance Beach19211994
Kaine, Bernard J.Her parents were Thomas and Jane Scott O'NeillO'Neill, Inez R.18821965
Beach, George18931963Her parents were Thomas and Jane Scott O'NeillO'Neill, Marjorie18941958
O'Neill, Thomas18501925Scott, Jane18501923Florence 1874-1877Daisy 1881-1886Hope 1884-1886Constance 1876-1924
Ward, E. Gordon18891963Louisa18901980Lloyd A. 1917-1954
Rourke, Walter H.18881969Lily G.18861948
Hicks, Percy William1890 Sep 241949 Feb 08
Crawford, Walter George Rourke1915 Oct 091973 Jul 11Blackmore, Katherine MaryJohn Andrew b. Apr 13, 1946 d. Nov 8, 1952
O'Neill, Charles1882 Aug 311964 Sep 09Porter, Annie Elizabeth1883 Feb 021957 May 30
Jordan, William James Francis1887 Jul 061958 Aug 07McKee, Lillian1889 Jun 151968 Dec 24
Harriet, Norman C.19011959Watts, Evelyn M.1905
Ward, Wesley Walker19041969Smith, Annie19071995
Blackmore, Andrew18891970MacLeod, Mae I.18961973Andrew Norman 1918-1985Katherine Mary (Crawford) 1920-Jean Maclead (McKenna) 1926-
Brown, Allan Edward1913 Feb 61970 Sep 14Aikens, Doris Sylvia
Hastings, W. J.Atkinson, Mary Henrietta18741914 Aug 24
Atkins, Thomas18391903 Dec 22Goudie, Mary Jane18471931 Mar 06Fred B. b. 1879 d. Sep 9, 1948 (69 yrs)Jennie E. b. 1881 d. Aug 25, 1956 (71 yrs)Thomas H. b. 1874 d. Sep 16, 1903 (accident 29y)Norval J. b. 1868 d. 1872 (4 yrs old)
Craig, Cyril Sr.19181964Blais, Corinne19242000
McKinley, OliverMcBain, Sarah1880 Jun 061954 Feb 23Elsie Bigaouette (married name) 1900-1985Stanley O. b. Jul 30, 1910 d. Feb 9, 1949
Craig, David18871950Walker, Elizabeth18881938
Schofield, Robert Cledhill1881 Sep 131948 Jun 07Neil, Annie1893 Feb 101992 Apr 10
Gilpin, Kenneth Roy19081978Marois, Antonia19071996
Gilpin, John18561949Tomlinson, Henrietta18751927Thomas 1895-1969
Boyd, Joseph J.19181983Edna B.1922
Hamilton, James18311912Jackson, Mary18421915
Dacres, Stanley19061992Paquet, Eva19081991
Atkins, David1892 Nov 101955 Jul 13Boyd, Delia1899 May 051964 Jun 24
Atkins, Denys Boyd1932 Mar 141974 Jan 15
Atkins, Donald1937 May 041963 May 24Gore, Shirley
Watt, George R.18971982Married twiceDoherty, Grace1956 Nov 17Semple, Ruth19081980
Watt, Richard18501925 Jan 06Brown, Agnes18751919 Sep 29
Brown, Thomas1848 May 141909 Nov 17McNicoll, Mary1853 Mar 191924 Jul 29
Brown, John Oakley1815 Jun 081907 Aug 14He was 92, she was 74 at deathWard, Annie1820 Jue 111894 Aug 14William Henry b. Apr 13, 1843 d. Jul 16, 1935Richard b. Jan 31, 1852 d. Oct 29, 1939
Billing, Curtis18301906 Aug 17Brown, Margaret A.18461900 Oct 30Curtis J. 1871-1931Emily Francis b. Apr 28, 1888 d. Jul 19, 1954
Kerr, Henry James18551934Craig, Amanda18671950Amanda May 1898-1918Violet Victoria aged 6 wksGordon 1901-1969
Smith, John18371875 Apr 24Cochrane, Rebecca A.18481875 Dec 14John A. d. Apr 20, 1875 (2yrs, 6mos)
Craig, David18371919 Oct 07Farquhar, Susan JaneDeborah b. 1864 d. May 3, 1949 (aged 85 yrs)Renfrew b. 1867 - 1952
O'Neill, Lionel19121990Stevenson, Elizabeth
Atkinson, Frederick Temple1902 Nov 111977 Nov 18
Atkinson, Evelyn G.19101994Lt (NS) RCAMC, CA on gravestone
Atkinson, Michael Frederick1948 Feb 191962 Sep 28
Anderson, Richard A.19171995Atkinson, Ruth Walker19181991
Atkinson, George18781926Walker, Edythe18791964Herbert Stephen 1910-1982
Atkinson, Charles Walker19111971Jarvis, Myrna Jordan19091972
McCorkell, Arthur1865 Jan 021911 Feb 16Not sure if he is father of children below.Alberta Zeluis b. Apr 30, 1903 d. Jun 13, 1903Arthur Mason b. Apr 30, 1903 d. Jul 28, 1903
Cairns, John1858 Nov 151883 Dec 25She remarried to Col W.M.H. King, MD.McCorkell, Susanna1858 May 091885 Mar 05
Johnson, Josephdaughter of James. She died So. Framingham, Mass.McCorkell, Marion18611890 Oct 28
Brown, S.T.daughter of JamesMcCorkell, Lydia1854 Jul 211900 Dec 26
McCorkell, James18241887 Jun 13Parke, Eliza Jane18251889 Oct 25Elizabeth d. Jul 21, 1854 (aged 1yr, 5 mo)Charles d. Feb 20, 1861 (8mos)Lily Alexander b. Jun 23, 1869 d. Dec 8, 1959
Rourke, Russell James1915 Feb 161982 Jan 13Jordan, Violet Electa
Rourke, Desmond Neil19241997Slater, Katharine Joyce
Rourke, Edward Cecil19481974son of Desomond
Rourke, Wilfred1912Fryer, Marion19131999
Smith, John C.18951968Linton, Violet18951979
McBain, Vernal Lewis18951981Henrietta19011990
Neil, Willis Thomas1915 Jun 201972 Dec 20Turgeon, Marguerite Vivian (Rita)1917 Mar 281967 May 18
Henderson, Walter H.18641943Glass, Marjorie Louisa18881954
Rourke, Thomas J.1943 Apr 14RCNVR - died during WWII
Shea, Joseph19301995She is daughter of C.R. MurrayMurray, Joan
Murray, Charles Russell18801965Hill, Louise L. A.18851971
O'Neill, Charles G.19101998Patricia C.19141996
McBain, Lewis J.19341985Pyle, Shirley
Craig, John1797Armagh Co., Ireland1855 Jun 18Woods, Sarah17941866 Mar 28
Ward, Frederick William1879 Oct 06England1952 Jun 08Porter, Emmeline1880 Oct 041955 Dec 15England
Fairchild, George Moore1828 Jan 27England1903 Jul 19Born in Devon, died in Valcartier.Fuller, Kezia Temple1914 Jan 04New York, Usa
McCorkill, Hon. J. C.1854 Aug 31Farnham, Quebec1920 Mar 10Judge of the Superior Court, QCApphia, Mary
Crawford, William1811 Dec 19Morpeth, England1877 Apr 20Duffett, Elizabeth18171867 May 21
Lemoine, Sir James MacPherson1825 Jan 21Quebec City, Quebec1912 Feb 5Historian of QuebecAtkinson, Harriet Mary18321900 Apr 11Jeannette b. May 17, 1857 d. Apr 11, 1912
Brown, William1791Tyron, Ireland1867 Apr 05Kerr, Rebecca17921861 Feb 17