Portneuf English (Ford) Cemetery

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1998.

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Jack, John A.19271983
Lyon, Vincent Edward1907 Feb 141984 Sep 24Hubard, Helen Ruth1905 Apr 221997 Dec 10
Putney, Walter S.18871973Putney, Jennie C.18881963
Kingsborough, Percy1912 Feb 211975 Oct 16Smith, Doris1902 May 311978 Sep 02
Smith, Gordon William19151976Pyle, Esther19221991
Burns, Reginald1910 Mar 061981 Aug 24Gilpin, Una1904 Jan 281987 Nov 12
Pelusso, Charles18821972 Oct 25Vickery, Lillian18961983
Gilpin, ThomasHe's not buried with herLivingstone, Eliza1869 Jan 081967 Feb 12
ChristopherGilpin, Audrey19011968
Ford, John Jr.1925 Sep 081998 Apr 18Dufresne, Pierrette D.1930 Feb 24
Guthrie, George Graham1916 Aug 261990 Dec 18Rodgers, Phyllis1923 Aug 151998 Nov 07
Guthrie, David1889 Oct 311967 Sep 16Graham, Jesse1891 Jan 161986 Jan 10
Gilpin, Milford1910Burns, Beatrice19111965
Burns, MichaelHer second husband was James JessRichardson, Charlotte18841977
Herring, James Norman18911980Herring, Elizabeth Georgina18871961
Cook, Anthony Patrick18851972Adcock, Florence Gertrude18941985
Adcock, Victoria Kathleen18991963
Mannix, John F.18841967Mannix, Ducie S.18791954
Kingsborough, Ira1887 Dec 011963 Mar 16MacRae, Annie B.1894 Jun 091958 May 21Wesley K. 1922-1993Jeannette Godin 1922 (mb daughter in law)
Stephen, Duncan Ian19261964Kingsborough, Marjorie C.1928
Farnsworth, Thomas Eyre19311992
Langlois, Charles Fisher18791965Hicks, Edith Kate18821964
Lee, Harold Edward1892 May 051954 Dec 03Adcock, Amy Ruth1896 Mar 071983 May 22
Shynkaruk, Moses18871963
Edgar, Fred A.18771946 Feb 02
Laquerre, Catherine19301972
Taylor, Frank Edward18791962Taylor, Edith F.18841979
TomlinsonLivingstone, Mary18531938William John 1878-1940Thomas Earnest 1880-1950Allan Roy 1908-1976
Greaves, Alfred18881943
Kingsborough, James18771951Kingsborough, Esther Ann18881960
Moody, M. Arthur18721953Kimpton, Clarissa R.18721954
Farnsworth, Raymond Harrington1893 Sep 131970 Sep 10Ford, Agnes Constance18991981Peter H. 1928-1988
Simpson, W.H. KeithFarnsworth, Barbara Clare19351963
Macdonald, J. Grant19041982She is the da. of Thomas and Clara FordFord, Frances19021962
Paul, John Donald1924 Nov 021924 Nov 28
Ford, Walter1879 Dec 271951 Sep 12Wolff, Ethel1885 Oct 181968 Apr 17Grace 1919-1986David Walter Ford 1926-1996
Ford, Rev. John Major19071981Veats, Olive
Ford, Donald Colville19131975Vincent, Madeleine19181997
Ford, Frances18781960Stewart, Maud Sinclair18851941Ineson, Serinea1894
Davies, Albert J.18761950Could be his wife or sisterDavies, Marie L.18751942
Felardeau, Jacques1924 Dec1925 May 30six months old
Wray, Dorothy Edith1912 Dec 161942 Jan 05
Wray, James1912 Apr 4
West (Hard to read)Could be Wray ??? Stone Hard to readWilliam d. Nov 18, 1917Christina d. Oct 20, 1928 ???Grace d. Oct 17, 1933Charlotte d. Jan 8, 1938 ???
Marcotte, Jean Paul19171998Bishop, Elsie19132001
Hervey, J.18541914 Jan 17
Bishop, Robert18821955Hervey, Mable Florence1880 Mar 171948 Aug 13
Bishop, George William18671947Arthur Leonard b. 1892 d. 1916
Green, Rev. W. I.Buried beside her sisterFord, Isabella18811965Elizabeth Ford 1890-1988
Ford, John1852 Aug 271920 Sep 06Bishop, Emma18531930Grace b. Feb 13, 1876 d. Sep 3, 1916Emma b. 1874 d. Sep 17, 1953
Debbage, Rev. J.18411920Balfour, Sarah
Alexander, Harold18881970Death date hard to readDebbage, Myrtle1930
Ableson, Robert19211997Atkins, Viola E.
Ableson, George R.18791964Adcock, Mary Elizabeth18911988
Mueller, Walter19071976Ableson, Evelyn19121998
Ableson, George18791914 Apr 09Woodside, Margaret
McLeod, JamesNot sure of maiden name of spouse. Only daughterMcLeod, EttieIsabel d. Feb 8, 1901, only 3 years old.
McLeod, William J.18731906daughter Mildred buried near himAnnie 1902-1903
Robinson, Harvy Arthur18911953McLeod, Mildred19041960
Sewell, Montague Carl18951961Hunting, Bernice A.18991987
Hicks, James18411904 Oct 17Not sure if his spouse or sisterHicks, Elizabeth18421909 Mar 07
Bishop, Thomas ParkinMurray, Catherine Mary18421924
Bishop, Alfred1879 Apr 011931 Sep 27Ford, Mary Isabella1882 Nov 081978 Jan 25Alfred d. infant, Aug 3, 1913Stewart Bishop, RCAF b. Jun 4, 1916 d. Feb 3, 1945
Marorquodale, Ian Douglas19161995Under the Macorquodale familyBishop, Dorothy Elizabeth1918
Ford, Thomas18581935Macnider, Clara M.18661951Mary Eyre 1896-1955Laura Stella b. Jul 23, 1904 d. Nov 14, 1918
Brown, Thomas B.18541939Wolff, Ida Isabell18611917 Dec 30Holly H. Brown 1892-1958?
Sewell, Carl del18561917Ford, Grace Eyre18621954J. Algernon 1896-1916Charlotte Isabelle 1899-1980
Bishop, Lawrence Parkin18921948Thompson, Hazel18921972
Bishop, George Henry18991964Baxter, Gwendolyn M.19041964
Bishop, George Douglas19301970
Bishop, Ernest U.18971948
Thomson, Clifford G.18971974Bishop, Adele19031977Donald C. 1934-1984
Thomson, Gerald W.19091993Bishop, Emily19071997
Bishop, Thomas Parkin1858 Jul 291937 Mar 13
Ford, Rowland18601932Vosburgh, Susan Maud18631934
Brentnall, EnsorFord, Grace Eyre18841935
Ford, Percy Peter Graeme1899 Dec 231938 Nov 25Hughes, Dorothy Elizabeth
Ford, Rowland1888 Jan 191951 Dec 13
Ford, John Shibley1903 Dec 161956 Feb 12Allen, Mary Gertrude
Buchanan, Colin Archibald1889 Sep 141967 Aug 09Ford, Lesley1894 Mar 121989 Jul 20Colin Ford Buchanan 1920-1933Marjorie Susan 1924
Dalgleish, WillaimShe was born in Portneuf, PQMacDonald, Katherine1842 Jul 281917 Dec 16
FordUnder Ford Stone.... not sure if all related?Ford, Elizabeth Barker18861968C.A.M.C. 1915-1919Hannah Maud Ford 1902-1954 (sister)
Ford, Newton18901940Mitchell, Hannah18931980
Ford, John ShibleyHill, Madeleine Irish1904 Feb1943 JunMarlene b. July 1931 d. April 1932
Dalgleish, Margaret Isobel1867 May 111944 Oct 21Born in Portneuf, died in Niagra Falls, ON
Ford, Joseph Eyre18881931Could be born in 1883 or 1888Mackinnon, Mary Christina18891937
Ford, Robert Graeme19071955Greaves, Alice Irene19081988
Russell, Patricia Ann19391983Buried under the Ford name
Copeland, Lawrence Joseph1930 Apr 141986 Jan 20Buried under the Ford name
Larsen, Elma Dorothy1900 Oct 121978 Aug 01
Larsen, Murray Neil19071992
Bailey, Thomas Brian18941963Buried under the FORD nameCopeland, Eileen Ida18981983
Ford, Mary Isabella1898 Jul 291979 Jan 16Da. of Joseph Ford and Jessica Dalgleish
Shipman, George E.19021991Publow, Ida Jean1976 Apr 04
Tuck, Alton19151979Atkins, Ella
Palmer, Leslie Albert1912Brothers, Opal Caroline19251979
Laviolette, Jackson Marvin19511981Kupecz, Judith
Atkins, Edward19241992Hamelin, Therese
Kingsborough, EdgarHuot, Adeliska19241981
Wright, Howard Ramsey1922 Oct 071984 Oct 22
Bruce, Angus19081977
Hill, Gary Shuldham Graham19441975Hatch, Susan Margaret
Hill, Graham Hope SewellSmyth, Gwynneth Elsie1922 Dec 101982 Jun 01
Whiting, Hugh19101981Kingsborough, Mabel19261972
St. Pierre, Gurney James1926Summers, Margaret Ellen19281991
Summers, Frank18991986
Ford, Peter Eyre1830 Apr 13Chapel-en-le-frith, Derbyshire, Eng1910 Apr 22Rupert, Elizabeth Grace1846 Apr 02Sidney, Ontario1918 May 16Charles Eyre Ford 1870-1929and his spouse Margaret Beebe 1869-1955
Ford, Joseph1856 Jan 06Portneuf, Quebec1931 Jun 09Mary J. born in Portneuf.Dalgleish, Mary Jessica1865 Nov 091949 Dec 22William Dalgleish (26 years old)Eric Allan (24 yrs - June 1916 at Ypres, Belgium)
Smith, James E.1869 Jul 11Portneuf, Quebec1959 Oct 22Dalgleish, Harriet
Macorquodale, Douglas Fraser1913 Mar 07Winnipeg, Manitoba1994 Feb 15He died in Montreal, PQMcCulloch, Ruth Eloise1910 Feb 06Westmount, Montreal, Pq1981 Mar 18