by Jacques Gagne

French original texts – English language translations


Le ____________ (date) du mois de _____________(month) de l’an________________ (year), nous Prêtre soussigné avons baptisé _______________(name of child), né hier (born yesternay or today) fils légitime de (or fille légitime de)___________________ (name of father), ______________ (the type of work the father did), et de ________________________(name of mother) de cette paroisse (from this parish) (ou de la paroisse de) (or from the parish of). Parrain__________________ (Godfather), Marraine ____________(Godmother) de cette paroisse (from this parish) or de la la paroisse de_________(or from the parish of______________)

Parrain (signature)

Marraine (signature)

Prêtre (signature)

On October 28th 1866, we Priest, undersigned have hereby baptized ______________ son or daughter of __________________(name of father) from this parish, farmer or doctor or clerk and of ________________ (name of mother) also from this parish (or from another parish being named). Child was born yesternay (or today or two days past) – Godfather______________ – Golmother__________________

Godfather (signature)

Godmother (signature)

Priest (signature)


Death Church Catholic Records

Le _______ (date) du mois de __________________ (month of) de l’an __________(year), nous Prêtre soussigné avons inhumé dans le cimetière __________________________ (name of child or adult) fille de _________(daughter of) or fils de____________(son of____________), père de ___________________________(father of), mère de ________________________(mother of) épouse de ___________(wife of) époux de ___________(husband of) de cette paroisse (from this parish or from another parish being named), décédé(e) depuis trois jours (death occurred three days past) le _________________________________ (actual date of death) à l’âge de ___________________________(at the age of) – Parents__________________ (name of parents) (or husband) (or wife) (or children)

Signatures of witnesses

Signature of Priest

XXXXXX, son or daughter, or father, or mother of  ______________________ from this parish or another parish mentioned, died in the year of_________ on the day of ___________ in the month of __________________ and was buried  on the _________________________(date of burial) in the cemetery of _________________________(name of the cemetery).

Priest (signature)

Witnesses (signature)

Some of the more elaborate church records dealing with deaths will indicate the type of work the deceased did. If that person was a leader within the village, the town, the township, the description of the type of work one did could be much more detailed if that person was a pillar of the community – If a person was a farmer, it simply indicated farmer – If a person was a mother, it usually indicated wife of_______ or mother of, of wife of the late_________