St-Bartholomew Anglican Cemetery

Taken from a Historic Sketch written by Freda Gray Roberge in 1985

The Church of St. Bartholomew was built in 1840 during the ministry of the Rev. William Wait,  who was a travelling missionary at that time.  It was consecrated by Bishop Mountain in1852.  At one time this historic church and cemetery stood seemingly divorced from civilization in wooded surroundings.  It has served the early settlers of this district and their descendants for the last 140 years.  Many names which appeared in the Church registers in the 1840’s are still to be found on the parish list in 1985, for example, Gray, Edgley, Smith, Pyle, Livingstone and many others.

The original church, which still stands, is in a very good state of repair due to the continued effort of the members of the congregation and a Ladies Guild, though the number is decreasing, but at the present time we have approximately 25 families contributing to the church.  Only a small part of the congregation of slightly over five souls live in the immediate vicinity of the Church.  The larger portion now resides in Chute Panet, St. Raymond, St. Basile and Cap Sante.

Of special interest within the Church are the Memorial windows above the altar and the fireplace at the back of the church beside the organ.  The window was given by St. Augustine’s College, Canterbury, in memory of two priests, the Rev. C. Roberts and the Rev. F. J. Cookesley, who were sent from the College to minister to the settlers in the new land.  You will see their names on the windows above the altar.  The first came to Bourg Louis, and Rev. Cookesley went to Labrador, and later succeeded Mr. Roberts here.   The presence of the fireplace at the back of the church is probably unique in our Diocese.  We assume that the English settlers were not aware of the severity of the Canadian winters when they hooped to heat the building in this manner.  Today, it is heated with an oil furnace.

If one looks very carefully, the crumbling foundation of the old rectory can be found on the opposite side of the highway.  For some years, here, in the midst of a thriving farming community, a school was attached to the rectory and classes were conducted by the resident clergyman.  Students from the district, as well as from the Quebec City area were in attendance, and many are still surviving who remember coming out here to the rectory for a vacation and enjoy the country.

More than 45 years ago, this church and congregation ceased to have a resident clergyman due to the decreasing English population.  Many years ago, regular ministrations were conducted by the clergyman of Portneuf, but at the present  time this Church is being ministered by a clergyman from Valcartier.

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1995.

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Tomlinson, Herbert18941967Hewitt, Florence1901 Jun 051982 Aug 18
Dean, William18211901 MayHe was about 80, and she was abt. 79Smith, Mary Ann18261905 Sep 24
Gray, William18261891 Apr 26Tumbilson, Isabella18381922 Mar 18Agnes b. 1877 d. Dec 1, 1906
Smith, Charles J.18801940 May 13Walsh, Olive D.18831923 Jan 14Jewell, Susan1890 Aug 211967 Nov 13
Smith, William John1876 Mar 41952 Jan 9None
Smith, Walter19041975Bisson, Stella1903
Garvin, James1855 Apr1915 Feb 7Gray, Eliza18581934 Feb 17
Davidson, John Henry18791918 Oct 13Clifford Russell died May 18, 1908 (11months)
Davidson, Margaret Alice1869 Jun 11950 Apr 19
Davidson, Grace1844 Oct 61929 Dec 19Maybe mother of William T. Davidson
Davidson, William T.18831937 Sep 1He was 54 when he died.McElrea, Ida Mabel1885 Jun 91964 Jun 10
Beebe, George19071987Livingstone, Pearl19091981
Smith, Ernest18881978Livingstone, Gertrude18981979
Davidson, Robert J.1952 Dec 31McCorkell, Janie1949 Aug 19
Livingston, Frank1903 Jul 181960 Jan 5Buried with parents plotHoude, Blanche
Livingstone, John18551934 Jan 15Davidson, Margaret18681921 Mar 9Ida b. 1893 d. Jun 19, 1928 (35)Mable Ellen b. Sep 23, 1895 d. Aug 18, 1941Florence b. Jul 30, 1900 d. Feb 4, 1949Frank - see him by himself
Dean, W. H.18651946 Aug 3He was 81? she was 82Darbyson, Eliza18601942 Feb 2
Robertson, Frederick William18861970Pyle, Mary Edith18941970
Pyle, Fred1896 Dec 181974 Aug 27Mable1894 Jan 211976 Apr 5
Smith, Coleman David1874 Nov 81946 Apr 26Davidson, Mary Jane1874 Mar 81952 Jan 5
Smith, Arthur1902 Sep 21986 Jan 23Journeau, Edith1903 Sep 111964 Jan 4Leonard b. Dec 29, 1929 d. Sep 4, 1931Douglas b. Nov 23, 1932 d. Nov 23, 1932
Gray, William E.18901935 Apr 27He was 45 when diedJourneau, Eliza
Leroy, PhilipSmith, Ruth19171976
Robertson, Harold19131983Jones, Florence
Hewitt, Private George19001947Private in Vets guard of Canada, C.A.None
Livingston, William1897 Jun 4NoneWilliam JamesElizaMatildaIrenne
Garvin, Gertrude18911957Buried near sister Violet Ruth Garvin
Mooney, RobertGarvin, Violet Ruth1885 Oct 201942 Aug 5
Hewitt, Florence Tomlinson1901 Jun 51982 Aug 18Tomlinson, Herbert18941967
Augustin, Yvonne18941979
Surmulet, Georgette, E.1936 Nov 20
Mooney, Henry1866 Jan1933 Sep 10Smith, Elizabeth18741943 Jan 12Priscilla Garvin b. Jul 1893 d. Apr 17, 1933
Livingston, Tommy19011978Mooney, Florence18971970
Pyle, Albert19041992Garvin, Florence1914
Panet, Edward Antill1820 Jul1883 Jan 12None
Panet, Bernard Antoine17771854 Jul 1Seigneur of Bourg Louis, she's buried at Mt HermonHarriet17771849 Jul 14
Woods, AlexanderAugustHe was 63 when died on Aug 4, year unknown.Livingston, Margaret
Price, Frederik J.1868 Apr 15He may have died in 1865.Price, Mary A.1857 Oct 1
Dean, Alexander18651907 Mar 8Mulcahy, Bridget
Mooney, Thomas1923 Feb 28Grey Claudia18431916 Mar 30
Pyle, Robert John1890 Jul 241956 Oct 10Morrow, Priscilla J.1899 Jun1935 Oct 29
Pyle, Henry1858 Jan 61943 Apr 12Mary was 66 yrs and 4 months old when died.Proctor, Mary1861 Aug1927 Dec 1Robert John b. Jul 24, 1890 d. Oct 10, 1956
Nelson, Frederik W.18841902 Jan 6He was 18 when he diedNone
Mooney, Henry18331909None
Edgley, G.1943 Jul 13Martha1933 Feb 13Charles A. 1927 - 1931Lenard C. died Sep 2, 1928 (4months)Baby 1932Baby 1933
Dean, Thomas18841908 Jul 5Poulin, RosannaHelen died at aged 7 weeksWilliam Alexander died at 6 weeksWalter Thomas died at 9 months.
Edgley, William1899 May 91978 May 23Gilpin, Lillie1906 Aug 25
Roberge, Germain19201993 Dec 3He was a soldier in the Regt De La ChaudiereGray, Freda
Aiken, JosephJoe is still alive in 1996Beckett, Dorothy19201980
Beckett, Herbert18951923Tomlinson, Emily18871962
Hervey, JamesMary and her son both browned at seaMacpherson, Mary1896 Jul 2George drowned on July 2, 1896.
Sissons, RobertHenderson, Eliza1885 Jun 19Thomas b. 1876 d. Sep 2, 1882 (6)
Gray, RobertNo other information on tombstoneNone
Hewton, William1866 Jul 311880 Sep 18None
Hewton, James18291907 Dec 6Not sure if Mary died in 1917 or baby Robert.Rezin, Mary1917 Nov 13Robert infant son died at 13 months old
Gray, John18511933 Dec 2Livingstone, Rachel18531937 Dec 7
Gray, Franklin John Jr.1911 Sep 171937 Apr 3Son of Frank Sr. and Mabelle
Gray, Franklin John1918 Feb 3Son of John & Rachel GrayWilkins, Mabelle A.18751947
Turner, William18711908 Dec 23None
Turner, John B.1875 Dec1923 AprNone
Turner, WilliamTurner, Ethel B.18801966
Turner, Charles18181902 May 3None
Davidson, William1832 Feb 291905 Jun 23Rezin, Ellen18381922 Mar 31
Smith, Charles J.18531936Livingstone, Margaret18511922 May 19
Smith, Matthew J.18491912 Feb 24Johnston, Mary18431911 Sep 4
Smith, Matthew J.1892PioneersMurphy, Elizabeth1900
Knox, Sarah18221892 Mar 12buried with Thos. Herbert DavidsonIreland
Davidson, JosephOnly infant child buried here, not parentsMaryThomas Herbert 1885 June at 1 year old.
Lawson, Mary1811 ?1891 Aug 16Buried with sister - think she died in 1871-91
Hewton, Robert18041863 Jun 21William below a brother as 60 when died.Woods, Elleanor18071888 May 31William Hewton: died 1851 Dec 7 (60yrs)
Johnston, JohnHe is not buried hereHewton, Mary Jane18451887 Jun 2
Hewton, Robert1833 Jun 11905 May 23None
Johnston, James A.1876 Apr1919 Nov 13MacMillan, Kate Ann1944
Johnston, James Eveard19091974None
Gray, Fred18871974Johnston, Evelyn19021990
McComb, Thomas18591920 Apr 20Johnston, Mary J.18681911 Jun 2
Smith, Ruby E. M.1910 Jul 51911 Apr 26Daughter of M.J. and E.E. Smith
Tomlinson, Clifford H.1899 Dec 271952 Oct 8Mildred J.1904 Mar 21963 Dec 22
Smith, William J.18761952Maria18801950
McComb, Thomas1862PioneersCarmichael, Elizabeth1887
Garvin, William A.18871971Shanahan, Lily
Allcorn, Alfred William1915 Nov 261992 Feb 25Private R,C.A.S.CEdgley, Beatrice1937 Apr 2Bourg Louis, Quebec
Gray, James18361897No spouse mentioned.NoneMary McCorkell Gray 1870 - 1898Wilfred Andrew Gray 1896 - 1897William Gray 1859 - 1886
Proctor, James B.18581892 Jan 2Son of John and Margaret YoungProctor, Catherine18671951
Smith, HughHugh and wife Elizabeth not buried hereElizabethMary Elizabeth b. 1883 Oct d. 1884 Nov 14
Smith, John1845 Mar1883 Aug 10No spouse indicatedEliza AnnAlexander died at 9 yrs and 5 mo old. - brotherFlorence Maud d. Oct 25, 1883 (1yr and 3 mos)
Smith, David1850 Nov1904 Jul 17He was 53 yrs and 9 mo oldLivingstone, Martha Jane18461916 Jan 10
Gilpin, Clarence19121928 Sep 16I think the tombstone read he was 16 or 76 yrs oldNone
Gilpin, JosephSmith, Mary J.1877 Nov 91952 Mar 7
Henderson, James18691939Middlebrook, Charlotte18731956Laura Delisle 1905-1953Emmett 1909 - 1974
Henderson, John18551941Williamson, Phoebe18591935
Henderson, Robert18811945Thompson, Ada M.1891 Jul1934 Sep 27
Tomlinson, Thomas18581945Headstone reads "Tomlins"Matilda18631933
Bonnaillie, JohnOnly Matilda buried here.Bonnaillie, Matilda1867 Apr 31924 Ap 3
Smith, Jacob1843 Apr 221910 Feb 18Davidson, Sarah E.1850 Jun 171893Alexander John b. 1873 Jul 26 d. 1879 May 4Alice Mary Harmina 1880 Dec 21 to 1905 Mar 11
St-PierreBuried with father George Sissons not husbandSissons, Jane Olive Edna1900 Jun 171990 Jan 22Bourg Louis, Quebec
McElrea, Margaret18551885 Aug 14Only 30 years when she diedBourg Louis, Quebec
Livingstone, James18641950Morrow, Mary Jane18661948
McElrea, Ethel Barbara18761965Bourg Louis, Quebec
Morrow, WilliamMary Ann died at only 34 years of age.Clark, Mary Ann18691903 Feb 16Riviere Aux Pins, QuebecPreiscilla b. Jan 31, 1903 d. Mar 14, 1903
McCorkell, Catherine18641910 May 2746 years old when Catherine died.Olive E. d. 1899 Feb 12th aged 1 yearCatherine G.G. d. 1902 Aug 20, aged 5 monthsGeorge Irvine d. 1891 Apr 22, aged 8 monthsVictor A.I. d. 1917 Aug 29 aged 21yrs & 4 mo.
Sissons, Thomas18241905 May 25I believe he was born in England.Gilkison, Jane18221905 May 10
Pyle, James H.1898Bourg Louis, Quebec1980Smith, Gladys B.19061993Bourg Louis, Quebec
Pyle, Frank1902Bourg Louis, Quebec1990Henderson, Amy19121971Bourg Louis, Quebec
McElrea, Herbert1883 Jan 1Bourg Louis, Quebec1956 Mar 9Davidson, Rachel B.18871914 Feb 24
Edgeley, George A.1904Bourg Louis, Quebec1968Son Albert G. and his wife Violet share plotHenderson, Charlotte, E.19071975Margaret Martha b. 1935
Edgeley, Albert George1926Bourg Louis, Quebec1977Cocks, Violet1919
Edgeley, Walter1906Bourg Louis, Quebec1969None
Edgeley, Joseph1897Bourg Louis, Quebec1983Gilpin, Elsie1904 Aug 71993 Dec 18L. Edgeley born 1927 died same day
Sissons, George1864Bourg Louis, Quebec1955 Jul 1691 years old when he diedNoneJane Olive Edna Sissons St-Pierre
McElrea, Robert1849Bourg Louis, Quebec1908 Jun 19He died when he was 59 yrs and 6 monthsIngham, Catherine18441925 Oct 9
McElrea, William1874Bourg Louis, Quebec1952 May 19He was 78 years old when he died.None
Livingstone, William (Willie)1903Bourg Louis, Quebec1975MacAulay, Hilda1908
Sissons, RobertBourg Louis, Quebec1885 Jun 19Only Eliza and their son Thomas buried here.Henderson, Eliza1885 Jun 19Sissons, Thomas d. 1882 Sep 2, 6 yrs old
Gilpin, Lomas1901 Mar 6Bourg Louis, Quebec1990 Oct 12Gladys was 79 years and 3 monthsEdgley, Gladys1902 Jan 91981 Apr 27Bourg Louis, Quebec
Clark, Edgar Thames1892 Mar 28Bourg Louis, Quebec1980 Jun 24Brewer, Doris Maud19051988
Gilpin, Errington1936 Jul 26Bourg Louis, Quebec1972 Sep 24Son of Austin and EthelNone
Davidson, David1824Ireland1905 JanNone
Davidson, William1832Ireland1867 SepOnly 35 when he diedNone
Davidson, James1811Ireland1883 Jan 3Margaret's sister Mary also buried here.Lawson, Margaret18071889 Jan 9
McCorkell, Andrew1834 AugIreland1908 Apr 9She may have been born in 1825, dying in 1869Davidson, Catherine18391883 Apr 11
Proctor, John1820Ireland1911 Jul 21Young, Margaret18261901 Jul 18IrelandEmeline 1865 - 1920Margaret 1859 - 1932
Gilpin, Austin1902 Sep 28Portneuf, Quebec1978 Oct 25Livingstone, Ethel1900 Feb 51985 Jun 12Bourg Louis, Quebec
Duplain, John1830 Aug 20Quebec City, Quebec1909 Jun 9Reinhardt, Mary
Clark, Curtis1853 Mar 1Riviere Aux Pins, Quebec1938 Dec 5Sissons, Jane1854 Jun 171935 May 29Bourg Louis, Quebec
Smith, Hugh1824Scotland1890 Feb 23Came from Galeowanshire, Scotland.Mary JaneAlexanderCharlesAnn
McElrea, William1812Tyrone, Ireland1896 Apr 1Died in his 84 year. Lived in BL for 50 yrs.Borland, Mary18171900 Apr 30Tyrone, Ireland