St-Basile Catholic Cemetery

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1999.

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Smith, Mary18651940
Tufley, Patrick1877 Jun 25Very hard to read stonePickford, Sarah18401901 Feb 08
Smith, John1815 ?1865 Jan 15Carney, Mary Ann1830 ?1904 Nov 26
Smith, Own18621930 Aug 11
Cameron, Melvina18701913 Dec 24
Cameron, Bernard1926Chevalier, Regina19311977
Hardy, Lumina18741960Cameron, Bernadette19081995
Cameron, Jean18961956sister is Bernadette CameronThibodeau, Rose Alma19051988
Jackson, Philias19001966Bureau, Corinne19051964Gerald b. 1940 (sp. France Germain 1948)Jean Guy Jackson d. Jun 8, 1962 (26 years old)
Meehan, Maurice19131974Boutet, Evangeline19131990
Meehan, Joseph18781966Maurice is sonGingras, Julia18871977
Paquet, AbrahamBurns, Rebecca18701944 Jan 02
McClintock, Michael18781947
Burns, William18661956Donovan, Mary18781978Beatrice 1899-1946
Cleary, Charles18661943McGlennan, Sarah Ann18801957John 1904-1958 (sp. Catherine Summers 1897-1975)Michael 1902-1918Patrick 1900-1902
Byrne, Wilbert19141986She is the daughter of Richard and ConstanceCleary, Lucy19191999Donald 1947-1999
Cleary, Richard18911955Bolton, Constance18901933 Aug 22Lucy 1919-1999
McCarthy, Jeremiah18371917 Jul 05He was 80 years oldKennedy, Margaret1906 Oct 30
McCarthy, John19111988son of John and JohannaGingras, Helene19161992
McCarthy, John18691963Jennessey, Johanna1875 ?1927 May 13Bridget 1905-1964son John 1911-1988
Cameron, Robert18731954Cameron, Annie18741944
Dore, Ernest18991977She is the daughter of Robert and AnnieCameron, Alvina18991987Marcel Dore 1930-1990
Shannahan, Dennis18471933 Oct 30He was 86 years old at deathMcCarthy, Ellen18531939 Oct 16Dennis 1881-1921, Apr 10Jeremiah J. 1891-1948William 1878-1953
Hennessy, Thimothy18401921 Sep 15McClintock, Rebecca18491934Patrick 1873-1951
McClintock, Arthur18761960Kennedy, Margaret1880 Sep 051924 Oct 29
McClintock, Michael18451924 May 30Mullroney, Dorothy18561935 Mar 27son Arthur 1876-1960Thomas 1882-1948
Lawless, Edward1938 Jun 26McCarthy, Mary Jane1939 Apr 25
Byrne, Edward18271889 Oct 01Pickford, Mary18411907 Aug 06
Byrne, Edward18751946 Jun 12Shanahan, Ellen18861983Mary V. Byrne d. May 9, 1927 (19 yrs)
Byrne, J. T. Gerald19231956 Oct 29RCAF died at age 33
McHugh, Joseph18741952Second dau. Julia born 1911, still aliveShanahan, Mary Jane18881988Roland d. Sep 8, 1929 (22yrs old)Patrick 1905-1950Wellie 1917-1988Martin 1919-1965
Bishop, Thomas ParkinCollette, Corrine18661939James Bishop 1891-1919
Lawless, James18871961Corcoran, Catherine18901958Leonard 1926-1989Leonard's wife - Helene Montminy
German, Germain19021995McCarthy, Julia19031967
Gilpin, Annie S.18981975
Garvin, Lilian T.18961974
Shanahan, Julia18881963
Byrne, Margaret1877 Oct1969 Dec
Cameron, Wilbrod19131991Eileen's mother was Margaret Byrne?Byrne, Eileen
McHugh, Gilbert19211984
Burns, John Arthur18981970Delaney, Mary M.19041988
McCarthy, Jerry18961969Giard, Azilda19121978
Thompson, Ambrose S.19061970McCarthy, Johannah19101971Osborne E. 1938-1998
Genest, Aime19041984Byrne, Marjory19161997
Jackson, OmerMatte, Alexina18921979Omer 1919-1989
Cameron, Joseph19031978Byrne, Julia19181995
Cameron, George1906 Oct 011968 Mar 19Delisle, Marie Jeanne19091989
Lawless, Kenneth19301968LeBrun, Jeannine
McCarthy, Tim19151987Cleary, Ann19141979
Cleary, James19121994Robitaille, Polly S.J.1979
Cleary, Andrew19101989Malette, Armand19151990
Denis, Antoine19341994Jackson, CatherineJoel 1964-1970
Bedard, Joseph Charles19041971Shanahan, Marguerite19071980
Denis, Romeo1927Jackson, Jeannet19231989
Jackson, Albert19191992Pascal, Eva19191988