St. Edmond’s Catholic Cemetery, Stoneham

Gravestone images photographed by Patricia Balkcom & Patrick Keily, 2011.  Not all stones were photographed, only selected ones.

Images of Gravestones are arranged alphabetically according to the first person listed on a stone.  This may be a husband or wife or another family member, so search for the image by using the possible surnames in that family, including maiden names.  Each image can be magnified by clicking on it. 

Transcriptions of part of the Cemetery provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1999 and older notes from Bernie Monaghan.

Click on the green plus (+) sign to see if there is any further information on each person.  You can view with Excel or Print, etc. by clicking on the boxes.

Bailey, MichelBailey, Dorys C.19541977Sandra 1976-1977
McKeown, Brian19371998His son's name is MartinCarange, Diane
Murphy, MichaelPearl, Ellen1839 Jun1910 Mar 28
Murphy, John G.18741901 Oct 6His parents was Ellen Pearl & Michael MurphyNone
Moss, Simon17831852 Oct 9NoneMary
Pearl, Margaret18501898 Apr 26c/b died in 1893, born in 1845
McKeown, Thomas1863 Jun1900 Dec 5He was 37 yrs 6 mo when diedBuckley, Mary Ann
Wilson, John17841841 May 3Ann from Wickslow, Ireland.Jones, Ann17871848 Feb 12Ireland
Wright, Peter E.Rickins, Ellen J. M.1840 Oct 151870 Dec 19
Devine, Patrick18631894 Oct 26He was 31 when diedNone
Carleton, James17991894 Apr 14He was 95 when diedBrown, Jane17991894 Apr 14
Rickins, Kate M.18451867 Nov 6She was 22 yrs old
Conway, John Thomas18801898 Dec 8He was 18 when died.None
McKeown, PatrickShe was 24 yrs oldConway, Lizzie18771901 Apr 9
Kavanaugh, PatrickHard to read tombstone, mb 1888 she died.Conway, Catherine18441888
LaughrenParents not listedNoneJames 1874 -1956Elizabeth 1879 - 1959Joseph 1881 - 1960
McMartinParents not listedNoneScott 1947 -1947William 1949 - 1949
McKeown, Frank19041976King, Margaret19152000
McKeown, Thomas18781909Conway, Theresa18801968Frank see separate entry
McVey, David18371919 Apr 7Nester, Ann18331909 Feb 22
McVey, Mary Ann18661938 Jul 28
McVey, Alice18571932 Jan 25
McVey, James1860 Oct1922 Aug 9None
Corrigan, John18631955Hurley, Ellen18621937Joseph 1885 - 1902Rupert John 1895 - 1910Katherine Hurley (sister) 1855 - 1927Edward Corrigan 1891 - 1959
Devine, Patrick18271911 Apr 26Carleton, Jane18331911 Dec 22Hanorah b. 1873 d. Jun 3, 1912 (39)John b. 1855 d. Apr 30, 1917 (62)William 1859 - 1926Harriet 1877 - 1949 (sp. Delp Mis Guillot)
Morgan, John T.Prevost, Mary Olive18991956 Mar 12
Corrigan, Frank Gerald18981984Melanson, Catherine1908
Mack, Tobias Senior19061980Hermann, Catherine19071972
McKeown, Martin19651976None
Griffin, Thomas19101975Bureau, Maria19141969
Topping, Wilfrid19091955Bureau, Leontine19081962
O'Brien, Leonard19191991Martin, Ann19121993
McKeown, Edward J.1902 Nov 21987 Mar 26McLaughlin, Margaret A.1913 Jun 31987 Jun 6Terence b. Apr 21, 1938 d. Nov 16, 1959
Johnston, Daniel Roy19621980None
Boily, Dorys C.19541977Sandra 1976 - 1977Michel
Murphy, Nicholas17861864 Feb 16O'Brien, Ellen17851871 Aug 16
Murphy, James18051846 Feb 2441 years oldNone
Martin, John18641934Whalen, Bridget18751946Willis Martin 1914 - 1976
McLaughlin, Thomas19091992 Mar 16Rifleman with Royal Rifles of CanadaMurphy, Kathleen
Murphy, James M.R.18851937 Oct 11He was 52 when died.None
McDonough, AndrewSpouse not buried hereMurphy, Maria Cecilia18771921 Dec 16
Murphy, Michael18271920 Sep 17None
Murphy, Patrick18751969Heafty, Helena18871967
Martineau, Joseph Albert18791935 May 22Whelen, Marguerite18761952 Jan 24Gerard 1909 - 1975 (sp Regina Ouellet)Armand 1913 - 1978
Murphy, James1943 May 27Not sure if following are children or siblings.NoneJohn d. Jul 30, 1946John B. died July 30, 1936John E. died Jan 16, 1929Margaret died Feb 25, 1956
O'Connor, John18971950Son of Patrick and SarahWard, Florence19011991
O'Connor, Patrick18581918 Oct 27Payne, Sarah18741939 Jan 12
Whalen, James18941966Simoneau, Alice18961986
Whalen, John18631937Whalen, Mary Kane18611932James 1897 - 1966his sp. Alice Simoneau 1896 - 1986
Martin, Thomas18261915Woodlock, Margaret18371926Jane 1860 - 1895Annie 1885 - 1902Frank 1875 - 1939Louise 1871 - 1948
McKeown, Joseph M.18911965Berryman, Katherine18921964
Berryman, William18541898 Jun 16c/b died in 1893, 44 yrs oldHolton, Susan18601929 Feb 7
Whalen, Raymond19251987Spouse not buried hereMeloche, Andree
Whalen, EddyEddy not buried hereBureau, Yolande19311974
Cloutier, Elmire18961982Mailly, Ovila18901972Rita LaLiberte 1926 - 1987Adelard Mailly
Hardy, Hildevert19121984Matte, Alice19141983
Ross, J. O. Eddy19071992St. Hilaire, Juliette19081970
Loughran, Bernard1804Wexford, Ireland1878 Nov 14He was 74 yrs oldNone