St-Raymond Catholic Cemetery

St. Raymond is one of the largest towns in Portneuf  county.  The cemetery is located across the St. Ann River about a kilometre up the road.  There are two cemeteries across the street from one another.  The Catholic Church was founded in 1844.  The cemetery, before it was moved, was located near the chapel, also on the river bank. The first burial took place on 28 September 1844.

The first church was lost in a fire on 10 January 1858. A small granite church was built to replace it. However, after 40 years, despite successive improvements, the second church became too small for the ever increasing population. In 1900 began the construction of a third church south of the second one. The third church, still in use today, is a neoclassical work of art. It was built with granite from Riviere-a-Pierre.  The first mass was celebrated in 1902.

The Irish Catholic population located in the south end of the Bourg Louis Seigniory, had no church of their own and belonged to either the St. Raymond of St. Basile parish.  The services were given in French, with exceptions being made in English for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals.     

Transcriptions provided by D. Clark McIntosh, 1998.

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Drolet, Arthur19191977Chamberland, Evelyne19262001
Jenkins, JamesNathalie 1967-1971
White, Gerald D.19231995White, Laurette L.1921Gerald F. 1947-1970Gordon G. 1950-1996
Walsh, Edgar19071972Moisan, Julienne19151994Gary 1939-1983
Marcoux, Rock19161998McCarthy, Florence19141985
Bedard, Marcel1931Welsh, Maggie1932
King, Lawrence19071987Cote, Marie Claire19221988
Corcoran, Albert18971954McCarthy, Ellen18981986
Corcoran, M. JohnNot sure relation of "children" belowGrenon, M. Louise Evelyn18871918 Aug 08M. B. Evelyn died Sep 12, 1918 (1.5y)Lila Mary b. Apr 14, 1937 d. Jun 2, 1947Daniel b. 1930 d. 1952
Corcoran, Alexander18571935 Oct 25Hoy, Catherine18581933 Jan 08R. Joseph d. Feb 22, 1920 (25y)Michael John 1884-1970
Germain, ArseneBuried with parents, William WalshWalsh, Ida1907 Mar1928 Sep 15
Corcoran, Harry19331985Buried with parents WalterGagnon, Renee
Corcoran, Walter18931961She is da of WilliamWalsh, Florence
Walsh, William18761958Buried with son, grandsonVachon, Adeline18821971
Pare, Robert1923Beaupre, Lucienne19261998Jean-Jacques 1946-1967Marc Andre 1932 - ???sp. of Marc Lucille Rochette 1934-2000
Beaupre, Romeo18961981Shanahan, Marie Anna
Vachon, W. John18761920 Mar 25buried with brothers
Vachon, J. F.18801924 Jan 26Blais, Anezie18761918 Apr 26Marie Vivianne d. Feb 29, 1908 at 2 days of ageJoseph Denis d. Mar. 10, 1916; (3y 9mo)
Vachon, John Alexander1834 Aug1902 May 02More families on stone under J.F. VachonDavidson, Mary1840 Sep 251931 Feb 02John Alexander died Oct 20, 1868 at 6 wks old
Corcoran, Michael18661914Not sure if married or brother and sisterCorcoran, Emily18641945Others on stone:Patrick 1899-1978Eva 1906-1993Albert 1940-1995
Corcoran, Michael18201895Vachon, Mary18311892
Walsh, Richard18471895 Apr 15
LeMay, Carmen B.1923
Burke, John C.19301990Cloutier, Jeannine1929
Panet, Edouard A.Van Felson, Marie L18521930 Aug 10Joseph Louis 1893-1943George A. Panet 1891-1969Charlotte Panet 1926-1991
Panet, Bernard18781968Morisset, Ernestine18821972
Panet, Edouard A.Dubuc, Julie1822 Oct1902 Feb 01
Robitaille, Alex18501936 Dec 15Pickford, Mary Ann18631930 Aug 16Amelia died March 18, 1958
McKinnon, Arthur19291987Denis, Rachel1930Pierre 1955-1996
Gagnon, EdwardShe died at 28 y and 5 d in BonaventureCorcoran, Christine1891 Dec 251919 Dec 30
Corcoran, Louis1852 Apr1932 Aug 09Carey, Margaret1858 Dec1932 Oct 01Ann 1888-1978
Vachon, Arthur18941959Burns, Laura19021967Irene 1921-1994Maurice 1934-???Roger 1932-1984