The original purpose of this site was to share the genealogy of Catherine Winnifred Cassin, the author's paternal grandmother.

However, as I searched through records, I began to gather information on many other families from this area.  Rather than discard these details, I decided to add these genealogies to my site to help other researchers in their endeavors.  The website has now grown to include research submitted by other genealogists - my thanks to the many generous contributors.

A couple of housekeeping notes:

  • An icon of a person beside a name in the main index indicates a photograph for that person is included.
  • The term "Witness" is used loosely.  It indicates that an event occurred that had an effect on a person's life.  For example, the death of a child or a spouse is often reflected as a "Witness" event in the life of the parent or the other spouse.  It does not mean that the person  was literally present at the site of the event.
  • The term "Principal" indicates that another person was part of the event.  For example, in a listing of a Marriage event, the other spouse is listed as a "Principal" and you can click on that to go the details for that person.
  • Please contact me with corrections.  
  • Feel free to use information here for research purposes, or link to this site. Commercial use is not permitted. 
  •  A special note to living family members - All information on living people has been excluded.  If there are special details about your deceased relatives that you would like me to exclude, please let me know and I will do so.